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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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A plant for the production of trolleybuses and electric buses was launched in Chelyabinsk 23.03.23 - 10:33 A plant for the production of trolleybuses and electric buses was launched in Chelyabinsk

The production of trolleybuses and electric buses was organized at the site in Chelyabinsk

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Supplying VW Group

Supplying VW Group

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The Volkswagen group has set clear objectives in its attempt to sustain the global leadership it is set to gain at the end of this year. The company is working towards a 2018 target, while bearing in mind the lessons taught by GM’s recent troubles and Toyota headaches with global recalls. If on one side the carmaker—which boasts control over a galaxy of brands—targets 10 million deliveries by 2018, it also wants to remain faithful to its sustainable profitability credo and ring fence its margins even in a period in which it is working on increasing its overall volumes and gain a more substantial foothold outside its traditional comfort zones, such as North America and the ASEAN region. At the same time, Volkswagen needs to maintain a strong focus on quality and technology to achieve its objective to become a leader in quality and customer satisfaction.

The Purchasing function at Volkswagen, in charge of a procurement budget slated to reach the 100 billion euro mark this year, is expected to deliver its contribution towards the achievement of the corporate targets the company as a whole is geared towards at a group level. The volumes per part created by the carmaker’s well-established cross-brand and cross-platform part standardisation strategy have given more negotiation leverage to the purchasing department with some sizeable contracts which suppliers are eager to win. As the carmaker production base becomes more global, the supply base is expected to follow suit, which will require the purchasing department to scout more suppliers closer to final assembly lines. This radical localisation plan does not rule out a good chunk of business coming from cheap sources in low-cost countries.

However, some alarm bells are ringing with regards to the state of the carmaker’s relationship with its supply base, as some suppliers complain the group has undertaken a less supplier-friendly stance in recent years—as shown in SupplierBusiness’ annual supplier-OEM relations surveys. This applies to a varying extent to all group’s brands, from premium brand Audi to more value-oriented Skoda. An unabated pressure to deliver best product technology and world-class quality, while maintaining substantial productivity gains seems to be a recurring theme of all group brands, particularly when compared to direct competitors.

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  • 3 march 2023 Media: AVILON may buy Volkswagen plant in Kaluga

    Auto dealer "AVILON" has become the main contender for the purchase of Kaluga plant Volkswagen. This was reported by RBK with reference to its sources, according to which, the final approval of the transaction should take place on March 3rd. Officially, this information is not commented on in the auto holding.

  • 1 march 2023 Volkswagen intends to block the export of cars to Russia from China

    German automaker Volkswagen has banned Chinese plants from delivering cars to Russia, thereby trying to counteract the import of its models from China. To combat unwanted exports to Russia, Volkswagen has also generated a system of "blacklists" that include Chinese car dealers who are seen as having links with Russia, according to the German publication Handelsblatt.

  • 8 february 2023 AFK Sistema may buy Volkswagen plant in Kaluga

    AFK Sistema is interested in plant purchase of the German automaker Volkswagen in Kaluga. Allur, a company from Kazakhstan, is also involved in the deal, which, among other things, produces cars and has Chinese shareholders associated with the release of Volkswagen in China.


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