Price segmentation of the Russian car market in 2017


Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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What brands have the youngest parc in Russia?


According to the analytic agency AUTOSTAT, at the beginning of this year there were more than 43 million cars in Russia. At the same time, about 40% of them are not older than 10 years, which, in quantitative terms, slightly exceeds 17 million units.

We also decided to consider the age structure of the parc among the leading brands - 10 brands, which have more than 70% of all passenger cars in the country. As it turned out, the domestic LADA, which has the largest parc, only every fourth car is under the age of 10 years. In other words, among almost 14 million VAZ cars, 3.4 million were produced in 2009–2018.

But the youngest parc among the leaders is belonged to the Korean KIA - 80% of these cars are under the age of 10 years. It is largely explained by the fact that for a long time KIA is one of the leaders in the Russian car market, which allows it to update its parc at a fairly rapid pace.

Also in this regard, it is worth noting the French Renault brand and the Czech Skoda, in which cars no older than 10 years occupy over 70% of the parc. This figure is rather high at Korean Hyundai and German Volkswagen (66% and 60%, respectively). We should also note Chevrolet - the American brand has more than a half of the Russian parc up to 10 years old.

For such brands as Ford, Nissan and Toyota, the opposite is true – there are more cars over 10 years old. And it is the most clearly for Toyota, because Japanese brand has the largest parc among foreign brands, which began to form in the beginning of 90s of the last century.

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