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Truck component and spare part market in Russia

Truck component and spare part market in Russia

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AUTOSTAT analytic agency presents the report “Truck component and spare part market in Russia”, covering results of 2017.

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The leader among the most popular trucks is the Volvo FH model.


Fears of car owners in the service centers

Fears of car owners in the service centers.png

According to a study, conducted by the agency "AUTOSTAT", only 44% of car owners have no fears, by giving the car at the service center. Three-quarters of them (75%) responded that they completely trust the service center of authorized dealer. And one in four (25%) said that he had no fear, because he "is giving the car to the (familiar) master, who is working in the service."

To elucidate the causes of mistrust of car owners to service centers of authorized dealers (which were more than half of respondents - 56%) it was suggested a number of possible answers, the respondents could select more than one of them. We received the following picture.

The most common response among those who are waiting for a dirty trick at the service station is - "I am afraid that I will be misleading and they will impose additional work" (64%). Options of concerns are "service workers are incompetent and they will be unable to carry out repair" and "it will be installed and used substandard parts / materials during the service" scored 44% and 42%, respectively.

In this case, every third (36%) of the respondents, who do not trust car service, has fears that during the service it can be replaced the quality parts of its car on substandard / worn. In addition, 30% are worried that they will remain without a car for a long time, and one in five (22%) is afraid that incompetent service workers can damage the car.

These results were obtained in the course of the annual survey "Preferences of Russian buyers in the automotive market”, conducted by the agency "AUTOSTAT" in November of 2014. The study involved about 2,000 new owners (up to 5 years) of cars of 31 most popular brands. The level of confidence in the service centers for a particular brand can be found in the ranking, published the last week.

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