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In the course of the study, we get the features of consumer behavior of car owners by the following themes: automotive antifreeze brand recognition (with and without options) and features of a car coolant choosing.

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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TOP-10 of brands by sales of vehicles of SUV segment in 2018


New Renault Sandero is already produced at AvtoVAZ

Renault has long kept the secret about the date of start of series production of the new Sandero hatchback for the Russian market and the area - the choice was between the Moscow plant of Renault and AvtoVAZ. As it turned out, Sandero of new generation was the second model of the French group at AvtoVAZ, and its serial production in Togliatti began at the end of May of 2014, the representative of Renault informed the newspaper "Vedomosti".

The new product is produced at the line B0, where it is also produced new sedan Renault Logan (since the end of February of 2014), Lada Largus and Nissan Almera. For the Renault brand cars on this line it is reserved a half of its design capacity, ie 175 thousand cars a year. According to the "ASM-Holding", in the first half of 2014 at the AvtoVAZ it was produced more than 13,000 new Logan. The planned volume of production of the new Sandero is not revealed by the Renault representative. Everything will depend on the market demand, but the share is likely to be the same as at the Moscow Automobile French automaker, he explains. In 2013, in Moscow, it was produced 51,842 Logan sedan and 47,107 hatchback Sandero, according to the "ASM-Holding."

New Sandero, as well as new Logan, is manufactured at AvtoVAZ in parallel with the production of model of the previous generation at the Moscow Automobile Renault. The production in Moscow will be reduced with the increasing of production in Togliatti, but the stop of production of Sandero will happen much sooner than Logan, stressed the representative of Renault.

Russian presentation of the new Sandero will be held at the Moscow Motor Show at the end of August, sales will begin on September 4th. The cost of new item in the Russian market will be announced at the auto show. Price of Sandero of the previous generation starts from 380 thousand rubles, its pseudo-crossover version of Sandero Stepway - from 510 thousand rubles.

Most likely the novelty will be more expensive by 5-10% than the previous generation, supposes the director of the Auto-dealer.ru, Oleg Datskiv. Major competitors will remain the same - they are, first of all, cars of Korean and Chinese brands, as well as Lada cars, he adds.

The appearance of the new Logan in the local market (sales began in May) helped the company - its sales in the country are down less than the market as a whole; at least the same it is expected from the start of sales in Russia of a new Sandero, says a representative of Renault. According to the AEB, in January-July of 2014 the Russian market of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles fell by 9.9% to 1.4 million units, sales of Renault - by 9% to 111,640 vehicles. In July, the fall of the brand was 16% and the drop of the total market - 22.9%.

The new model will attract new customers, but on the other hand, sales of the brand and the whole market are reduced, so, the production and sales of Sandero in the country in the best case will be at the 2013 level (when it was sold 43,737 units, according to AEB), commented Mr.Datskiv. If the government will introduce additional measures of state support of industry, including the scrappage program, and it will also apply protective measures in the automotive industry in response to the new sanctions of the United States and the EU to restrict imports from unfriendly countries, then Renault and other automakers that have plants in the country will be able to keep the total sales in the Russia at the 2013 level, and some of them will increase, he said.

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