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AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. Winter Car Tires: Car Owner Preferences (Third Wave)

AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. Winter Car Tires: Car Owner Preferences (Third Wave)

Exit date 12.12.2019

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Price 3500 eur.

The third autumn wave of the project is aimed at the consumer preferences in the purchase and operation of winter tires.

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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What is the most capacious crossover of SUV C segment?


Test-drive of Kalina Cross will be held in Kazakhstan

From August 14th to 16th AvtoVAZ planned test drive of LADA Kalina Cross for the press.It is expected to be held in Kazakhstan - obviously on the steppes of this country it will be easier to emphasize the quality of this off-road vehicle. By the way, Kazakhstan is not the first time takes journalists to test drive - in May of 2008, representatives of the media competed in the rally from Almaty to Astana by the estate cars of the first generation LADA Kalina car before it was going to market.

The creators of a new modification with the minimum means tried on the basis of the available Kalina models to make the car with improved geometrical cross and improved performance on the suspension.

It is planned to produce the car only in one configuration with 8-valve power unit (87 horsepower) for a while, but with a modified main gear: the gear ratio of the transmission was 3.9 (it was 3.7) - as a result the car has received a good momentum and good properties under acceleration. It is not planned four-wheel drive on a crossover, there will be no additional locks differential: AvtoVAZ wants to keep an attractive price.

It was taken as the base the suspension, which from January 1st, 2014, is used by AvtoVAZ on cars "Granta", "Kalina" - standard and luxury and "Granta" - liftback. It was improved by Renault and Nissan specialists directly at the site in France and by some of the indicators, it is even better than at the existing Logan.

"What did we?" - said the director of the project "Family of LADA Granta and LADA Kalina cars", Oleg Grunenkov. - First, we increased the size of the suspension by 16 mm, and 7 mm were received from the increase in the size wheels (15-inch wheels, higher dimensions), and we received 23 mm of additional ground clearance. And now it is in a free state 208 mm, with a fully loaded car - 5 passengers and luggage - it is 185 mm. As you can imagine, it is quite high numbers, and even cars that are in a higher class - Duster, etc. - have a slightly smaller size in this regard. So the car was quite unique in terms of geometric cross. All corners of the Congress-entry - were more than 20 degrees. In fact, it just gives you the opportunity to talk about the qualities of this car off-road ... ".

The suspension uses stiffer springs, stiffer stabilizers. Racks - are gas-filled. Rear shock absorbers - there are used spring of increased rigidity and a buffer of larger dimension, which improves the comfort of stabilizers. So-called "fine tuning" of the suspension was made by specialists of AvtoVAZ with the specialists of Skopinov and German representatives, who have made a lot of recommendations.

Vehicle length was increased due to extra padding. It is known that at LADA Kalina Cross it will be used tires Pirelli. Rear wheel arches are protected, there are installed additional shields to prevent strikes stones. A number of changes - for comfort and increase of the attractiveness - were made in the interior. In the backseat as a mandatory there are three headrests and there will be also elements "ISOFIX" - to make it possible for families to go on picnics with children.

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