Dynamics of the Russian car market in February of 2019
  • 14.03.19 Dynamics of the Russian car market in February of 2019

    In February of 2019, sales of new cars in Russia fell by 3.6% in compare with February of 2018. The mass segment for the second month in a row shows a negative trend (-4.8%). Its sales amounted to 112,135 vehicles, which is 90.6% of the total sales.



Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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LADA Vesta cars almost ran out at Russian dealers 3.02.23 - 15:04 LADA Vesta cars almost ran out at Russian dealers

Russian dealers have mostly sold out LADA Vesta cars produced at the LADA Izhevsk enterprise in the spring of last year

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Top-25 regions by capacity of the automotive market in 2013

Experts of the analytical agency AUTOSTAT conducted a study of the financial capacity of the market of new cars in RF regions in 2011-2013. There were used the weighted average prices of new cars of the vast majority of models that were sold in the market during 2011-2013 in the report “Capacity of regional markets. Passenger cars”. During the calculating of weighted average prices of the models there were taken into account the recommended prices for models of different modifications (body type, gearbox, engine capacity) with account of the share of car sales of this modification in Russia.

In the study, the experts pointed out that the serious decline in sales of new cars (2.53 million new cars in 2013; - 4.2% to 2012), the capacity of the Russian market in monetary terms increased from 2.204 trillion to 2.242 trillion rubles (+1.7%).

It was made the rating of the regions by new car market capacity. The largest financial market capacity was shown by Moscow (447.0 billion rubles) and Moscow region (199.5 billion rubles). In this case both markets decreased slightly compared with 2012. The third position is belonged to St. Petersburg (about 151.0 billion rubles), in the fourth - the Republic of Tatarstan (84.5 billion rubles). Fifth and sixth places in the ranking are occupied by the Krasnodar Territory (82.2 billion rubles) and Sverdlovsk region (73.9 billion). Republic of Bashkortostan is in the seventh line of the table (65.3 billion rubles), Samara region (61, 2 billion) – is in the eighth. The top-10 ranking also includes Rostov (54.8 billion rubles) and Nizhny Novgorod region (51.8 billion rubles).

Also it was noted that more than a half of the regions from the top-25 increased the capacity of their financial markets in 2013. Most of all (from the top-25), the market capacity was increased by Kaluga region for the year - changes were 31.7%. Serious growth compared with 2012 was shown by Bashkortostan (+21.9%) and Tatarstan (+10.5%), Rostov region (+7.6%). It was 6.3% in St. Petersburg, and 5.2% in Tula region. Higher growth than in the whole of Russia was also shown by Voronezh region (+3.7%), Tyumen (+3.2%), Orenburg (+3.2%), Nizhny Novgorod (+3.1%) and Saratov regions (+2.7%).

“If we consider the structure of markets, distinguished by high dynamics, we can note the reasons for growth in each of the regions. For example, in Bashkortostan sales of new cars rose by more than 15% for the last year, while the size of the market grew by 22% due to a reduction in the share of regional sales of budget brands (LADA, Chevrolet ...) and an increase in the share of brands with high average price of sold cars (Toyota, Volkwagen, KIA ...). The situation is similar in the Kaluga region, but the rate of reduction of the share of budget brands and increasing the share of expensive brands is more intense. As a result – the record growth of capacity 31.7%”, - says Andrey Toptun, head of analytics department of AA AUTOSTAT.

Top-25 of regions by the financial capacity of the market in 2013 is in the attached file.

19.06.14 AA "AUTOSTAT"
Source: www.autostat.ru