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AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. New cars: car owners' opinions (fourth wave)

AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. New cars: car owners' opinions (fourth wave)

Exit date 31.01.2020

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In 2019, the fourth wave of research took place. Due to the insufficient number of respondents in the sample, Chevrolet brand was excluded from the assessment, but Infiniti was added. As a result, the total number of brands represented in the report is 30, and the total number of respondents is more than 3,000 car owners.

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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The dynamics of the Russian car market in 2019


KAMAZ divided the corporate leave of employees in two parts

Corporate holiday of KAMAZ, scheduled for 2014, will be divided into two parts. As the Director of the Department of Public Relations of KAMAZ, Oleg Afanasiev, informed the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the first part of the holiday will be in January (from 9 to 22), the second - in July (from 14 to 27). In January, about 60 % of employees will have a rest. In 2013, corporate holiday of KAMAZ was only in the summer (from July 8th to August 5th). The decision to introduce a corporate holiday in January was adopted, based on the experience of other manufacturers, because there is observed traditionally a decline in sales during this period in the market of trucks, explains Mr.Afanasev.

According to KAMAZ, the order for January 2014 – is about 1500 vehicles. According to Mr.Afanasev, KAMAZ produces daily between 180 and 240 trucks. Corporate holiday will permit not to work “for the warehouse”, he says. In addition, it will improve the social situation in the enterprise: it will allow the payment for a holiday to employees, which they would not received in the case of the reduced working week. In January 2013, KAMAZ just applied the practice of part-time working week.

Another reason for the introduction of corporate holidays in January – is a total reduction of the Russian car market, which began this year, says Mr.Afanasev. According to KAMAZ, the sales of company in Russia decreased by 10.6% to 26,611 trucks and assembly kits in January - September of 2013, the entire domestic market of trucks weighing 14-40 tons (basic for KAMAZ) fell by 33.4 %. In 2014, the market volume is likely to be kept, says Mr.Afanasev.

The decision of KAMAZ is justified, supposes the executive director of the AUTOSTAT agency, Sergei Udalov: “In January, a decrease is observed in all markets, and this time the situation is unlikely to change.”January is “poor” also for government contracts: tenders begin usually in the spring, he adds. According to assessment of Mr.Udalov, in 2014, the Russian truck market will remain at the level of 2013.

Key enterprises of GAZ Group provide employees with corporate holiday in winter and in summer, says the representative of group. During this period, there is a preparation for the production of new products, modernization of production and maintenance of the equipment, which cannot be organized without stopping the assembly line, he explains. AvtoVAZ, which decided to introduce a single corporate holidays for employees in the summer of 2014 (from July 28th to August 17th), is not considering the possibility of introducing of a similar holiday in January, said a spokesman of the company.

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