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Automotive Industry In Russia. Results of 2019. Prospects

Automotive Industry In Russia. Results of 2019. Prospects

Exit date 02.06.2020

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report contains information on automotive vehicle production in Russia, particularly passenger cars and commercial vehicles

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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Russian parc of cars: main indicators


Scrappage fee for foreign cars will be up to 600 thousand Roubles


Rates of scrappage fees, which could be introduced already from August 1st, for new passenger cars will reach 72 thousand Roubles and for used ones – 614 thousand Roubles, informed “Interfax” with the referring to the draft of government resolution that was prepared by Ministry of industry and trade.

As newspaper “Kommersant” wrote, the fee would be calculated as the multiplication of established basic rate and coefficient of scrappage labour intensity, which would be defined for each category of vehicles. The basic rate is offered to be on the level of 20 thousand Roubles. The coefficient of scrappage labour intensity will be from 0,5 for new passenger cars with engine volume not more than 1,5 thousand sm3; it will reach 3,6 with the engine volume more than 3,5 thousand sm3. So, the fee for new passenger cars will be 10-72 thousand Roubles.

The Ministry offers to set the fee from 40 to 270 thousand Roubles for the majority of used passenger cars in dependence on engine volume. But it would be installed coefficients for cars that are older than seven years in fact are defensive – 82-614 thousand Roubles. 

Fee for commercial vehicles would be defined by tonnage. The basic rate for LCV, average tonnage and heavy trucks will be 40 thousand Roubles. The fee for a new light commercial vehicle with a mass up to 3,5 tonnes with account of coefficient would be 90 thousand Roubles; for LCV (3,5-5 t) – 150 thousand Roubles. The fee is presumed to be on the level of 470 thousand Roubles for average tonnage trucks (5-20 t). New heavy trucks with mass more than 20t, tractors and off-road dump trucks will be bonded by 600 thousand Roubles. The basic rate for buses will be 300 thousand Roubles and the fee for new vehicles in dependence on its length will be in diapason 150-750 thousand Roubles. 

The highest fees could be installed for used trucks. They would be able to reach 700 thousand Roubles for average tonnage trucks, for tractors – 900 thousand Roubles, for heavy trucks – up to 1,5 million Roubles. The import of used buses could cost 1,4 million Roubles.

But car producers that work in Russia or have dealer network in more than 40 regions won’t pay scrappage fees at once – they will present “guarantee obligations” for sold cars recycling. More likely, scrappage fee would be paid by money in Customs for all used foreign cars, Chinese cars and also not mass brands. Analysts underlined that the main benefit for fee introduction will be received by KAMAZ, GAZ, “Sollers” and AutoVAZ that lobbied its introduction. 


23.04.12 AUTOSTAT
Source: www.autostat.ru