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AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. New cars: car owners' opinions (fourth wave)

AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. New cars: car owners' opinions (fourth wave)

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In 2019, the fourth wave of research took place. Due to the insufficient number of respondents in the sample, Chevrolet brand was excluded from the assessment, but Infiniti was added. As a result, the total number of brands represented in the report is 30, and the total number of respondents is more than 3,000 car owners.

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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Which car dealerships are the most pleasant for a car purchase?


Market of car lending in Russia will keep growth rates in 2012


Russian market of car lending will grow in 2012 not worse than in the previous year, when it was 73%, supposes the first Deputy Chairman of board of Rosbank, Igor Antonov. He gave the statistics about a credit volume of cars in Russia: after the falling during the crisis of 2009, when it was given credits only for 150 billion Roubles, the volumes of credit were increased to 307 billion Roubles already the next year and in 2011 – to 531 billion Roubles. “The market recovered very quickly, we expect that it won’t be worse this year”, - said Mr. Antonov.

Among tendencies of this year participants of branch remarked the growing competition for the share in market of lending, which is heated by strengthening of positions of captive banks of car producers. At the present time such concerns as Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Mitsubishi, Daimler, Peugeot Citroen have their own banks in Russia, writes “PRAIM” agency. 

“If we consider figures in Western Europe, then about 50% of market of lending of new cars is under control of captive banks there. In Russia this figure is approximately 25-30%, not more. We expect that everything will develop the same way”, - said the head of Rusfinance bank (the part of group Societe Generale), Arno Lekler. 

By the words of Mr. Antonov, all key Russian banks from the TOP-20 are looking for new models of development in the market of lending. “Everybody are looking for the way of their products diversify in car lending branch…and by improving the operating model, to capture the larger market share”, - he said.

On opinion of Mr. Lekler, another one trend that concerns all participants of market is the decreasing of profitability of business in a segment of car lending.

By the words of the manager of service of insurance and lending of group of companies “Automir” (the biggest dealer of Russia), Ivan Romanov, people started to change cars for more expensive ones and many of them could not afford a car of this class without credit taking. This behavior of people with account that their incomes were not increased for the previous year, should cause some fears of banks, supposed Mr. Antonov.

“If it is good for car producers, then for banks and for economy, it is bad when real incomes of population don’t grow. Here we have to understand whether it was the deferred demand, when people saved their money and made the big first payment and they will pay off the credit very easily. It is normal. But if people again start to count groundlessly on the incomes of future years, though they don’t have income growth today, then the dangerous and serious burden falls on banks”, - he says. 

According to data of the head of Rosbank, the nominal interest rate on classic loan programs (car lending in some banks) increased to 13,5% in the fourth quarter of the previous year from 12% of the third quarter. “At the present time we see the continuous growth of interest rates on classic products of car lending, therewith, the average sum of credit continues to grow. So, the population is ready to accept the higher sum with the interest rates increasing. This is a trend of the fourth quarter of 2011 and the first months of this year”, - he remarked.


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