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In the course of the study, we get the features of consumer behavior of car owners by the following themes: automotive antifreeze brand recognition (with and without options) and features of a car coolant choosing.

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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Dynamics of Russian automotive market in June 2019
  • 18.07.19 Dynamics of Russian automotive market in June 2019

    In the first summer month, the automotive market in Russia declined by 3.3% compared to June 2018. At the same time, the market decline is registered only in the mass segment, where sales decreased by 3.2%. The premium segment, on the contrary, increased (+ 2.2%).



First Lada Largus cars wil be sold in luxury configuration


LADA Largus

New estate car Lada Largus, the production of which was launched by AutoVAZ in the previous week, will appear on sale in July and the preliminary orders for a new car will be accepted in April-May by Russian dealers of Lada. Sales start from two versions: 7-seat car in a configuration “Luxury” and the same configuration but with audio system and air conditioner. 

Lada Largus, which will be produced by AutoVAZ on platform B0 of alliance Renault-Nissan, will have three modifications: 5 and 7 seat passenger estate car and cargo two seat van. According to preliminary data, estate car will cost 349-460 thousand Roubles in dependence on configuration, van – 319-390 thousand Roubles. As representatives of AutoVAZ remarked, this new car of AutoVAZ that has no analogous in the Russian market will occupy the empty niche of multifunctional estate cars of increased capacity in Russia.

Lada Largus cars are equipped with two types of engines Renault – 16-valves 1,6L engine with capacity 77 kWt (105 HP) with 5 speed mechanical gear box and 8 valves 1,6L engine with capacity 64 kWt (90HP) together with 5 speed mechanical gear box. AutoVAZ doesn’t plan to install automatic gear box in Lada Largus. Thereby, AutoVAZ doesn’t exclude the appearance of four wheel drive version of Lada Largus, as the platform B0 is the same as Renault Duster with some changes in the rear floor.

Annually AutoVAZ is going to produce 70 thousand of Lada Largus cars, among them 54 thousand cars will be for the Russian market and about 16 thousand units – for CIS countries. As representatives of AutoVAZ remarked, the production volume of Lada Largus could be increased to 90 thousand units in case of necessity due to the introduction of additional working days during weekends. In 2012 AutoVAZ is going to produce about 27 thousand of Lada Largus cars. Localization of estate car on platform of alliance Renault-Nissan is more than 50% in the first stage and this indicator will be increased to 72% in future. 

It was created the production in AutoVAZ for Lada Largus and other cars manufacturing on platform B0 that consists of upgraded assembly line, new shops of welding and painting. Production В0 is the first big scale joint project of AutoVAZ and alliance Renault-Nissan with production capacity up to 350 thousand cars per a year (with the three shift regime of work). Costs for new production creation were about 400 million Euros (25% – AutoVAZ, 50% – Renault, 25% – Nissan). The production of new sedan Nissan Almera will start in new capacities in November of this year and in 2013 two models of Renault X52 (a new Logan) will appear in assembly line of AutoVAZ in 2013.



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