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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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Moscow Renault plant delays the deliveries of cars to dealers 22.09.21 - 13:15 Moscow Renault plant delays the deliveries of cars to dealers

Production at Moscow Renault plant is working intermittently with a shortage of electronic components

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Every third LCV in Russia is foreign

AUTOSTAT analytic agency prepared marketing report “Structure and forecast of commercial vehicle parc: light commercial vehicles (LCV), trucks (CV and HCV) and buses (BUS)”. 

On 1 January 2011 commercial vehicle parc in our country was 7.34 million cars. About a half (48.2%) of the parc were light commercial vehicles (3.54 million units), a little less number (46.7%) belong to trucks (3.43 million units), and the rest 5.1% belong to buses (0.37 million units).

Age structure of each group has its own particularities. For example LCV parc in our country is the youngest, only less than a half (44.7%) of LCVs are older than 12 years old. This highlight is a bit higher in bus segment (51.4%) and trucks have the oldest parc – 74.5%.

LCV parc has the largest share of foreign brands (34.4%), i.e. every third LCV in Russia was produced abroad. As for other segments, every fifth bus (19.4%) and every eighth truck (12.2%) are foreign.

Domestic brands are leading in the brand structure. The most popular LCV brands are GAZ, UAZ and Toyota. The leaders in the truck segment are GAZ, as well as KAMAZ and ZIL, and PAZ, KAvZ and LiAZ have the largest bus parcs.


Foreign LCV parc in Russia is about 1.22 million vehicles. Regional parc structure is very uneven. Thus, most foreign vehicles are concentrated in Far Eastern Federal District. 371,200 foreign LCV are registered here, that is over 30% of the total LCV parc in the country. The leadership of Far Eastern Federal District is a result of geographic proximity to Japan, which has been the source of the large number of used imported vehicles for long time. They include microbuses and small right-hand drive trucks, which is the base of LCV parc in Far Eastern Federal District.

The second place belongs to Central Federal District, where every fifth foreign vehicle is registered (262,400 cars). At that most of them are registered in Moscow and Moscow area, where the conditions for the business development are more attractive, which is one of the factors for LCV purchase. The third place belongs to Siberia Federal District, where almost every sixth foreign vehicle is registered (205,700 units). Large number of vehicles here are imported from Japan, like in the Far East. North-Western Federal District has 163,600 foreign LCVs. As for the other Districts, they have less than 100,000 foreign vehicles. But the least foreign LCV parc is in Ciscaucasia, whose share is less than 2% (about 20,000 cars).

LCV parc in Russia will grow very rapidly. The LCV market comes up to hundreds of thousands vehicles sold, and only trucks, vans and microbuses of the Soviet period are written off. By 2016 LCV parc will come up to 4.5 million cars, which is 27% growth as compared to 2010.


Structure and forecast of commercial vehicle parc in Russia till 2015

16.11.11 AUTOSTAT
Source: www.autostat.ru

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  • yesterday, 13:15 Moscow Renault plant delays the deliveries of cars to dealers

    Production at Moscow Renault plant is working intermittently with a shortage of electronic components, which ultimately affects the delivery schedule. The agency "AUTOSTAT" was informed about it in the press service of Renault Russia. According to the company's estimation, delays in delivering cars to the network can reach 1.5 - 2 months. “We monitor the situation on a daily basis together with the central office and make every effort to minimize the impact on production.

  • yesterday, 13:12 Hyundai certified charged i30 N and Elantra N Line in Russia

    In the open base of Rosstandart, the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) appeared for two powerful Hyundai models at once - the "charged" i30 N and Elantra N Line. Both certificates have been in effect since the beginning of September, but the terms of the start of sales of new products is currently unknown. The "charged" versions won’t be produced in Russia: according to the data in the certificates, such "Elantra" cars will be supplied to us from South Korea, and "i30 N" - from the Czech Republic.

  • yesterday, 13:03 Bi-fuel LADA Largus will go on sale in early 2022

    The bi-fuel modification capable of consuming both gasoline and compressed natural gas (methane) will return to the LADA Largus range in the first quarter of 2022. This was announced by the head of the ATS-Auto company, Aleksey Suchkov, according to whom the working prototypes of the updated Largus CNG are already ready, they will be sent for certification tests at the end of September. 


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  • 13 september 2017 Autoservice Conference 2017 in Moscow

    On the 24th August, 2017 wolk after sales experts participated in the conference “Autoservice 2017” in Moscow, organized by ITEMF Expo and AM Conference and supported by our Partner - analytical agency Autostat. The conference took place in conjunction with MIMS AUTOMECHANIKA.

  • 19 june 2014 Top-25 regions by capacity of the automotive market in 2013

    Experts of the analytical agency AUTOSTAT conducted a study of the financial capacity of the market of new cars in RF regions in 2011-2013.

  • 30 january 2013 How many cars are in Russia now?

    In 2012 the number of cars in Russia grew more than 10% in comparison to last year.