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Automotive Industry In Russia. Results of 2019. Prospects

Automotive Industry In Russia. Results of 2019. Prospects

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report contains information on automotive vehicle production in Russia, particularly passenger cars and commercial vehicles

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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What kind of motor oils do Russian car owners prefer?


The capacity of the component market for car assembly in Russia is 11 billion USD

According to the market research of automobile components and spare parts, carried out by the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" at the end of 2008, the market capacity of components for car assembly in Russia constitutes 11.05 billion USD. Thus, the share of import components of this volume (6.7 billion USD) at year-end is approximately 60 % and only 40 % of the market is provided by domestic manufacturers of components (4.35 billion USD).
According to the director of the agency "AUTOSTAT" Sergey Tselikov 1.49 million cars will be produced in 2008 in Russia, up 15 % from 2007. Thus, the growth of production volumes in this year was first of all at the expense of increase of foreign car assembly. Their share now is about 40 % from total production volume of passenger cars in the Russian Federation in quantitative terms and more than half (54 %) - in monetary terms.
The analyst says that the share of import components in cars of domestic brands does not exceed 6 % and is estimated at year-end in 230 million USD per year. Thus, the Russian enterprises assembling foreign cars are provided with import components more than 90 %. According to the estimation of the agency "AUTOSTAT" import components at the amount of 6.5 billion USD have been already supplied for assembling 600,000 foreign cars this year. The supply volume of the Russian components for foreign car assembly is several times less. The agency estimates it in 720 million USD.
According to Sergey Tselikov when auto manufacturers declare about the localization level in 20-40 % they are not honest. Analyzing the supply structure of components to the most localized models, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the share of domestic components there does not exceed 10-15 % in money terms. Besides, from 600,000 foreign cars which were produced in Russia in 2008, more than third is assembled by the method of SKD assembly. If there is such assembly it is not reasonable to speak about the Russian components at all. The multi-brand plant Avtotor in Kaliningrad has worked using this principle for a long time. Also this year Volkswagen in Kaluga (VW, Skoda) and GM in St.-Petersburg (Opel, Chrevrolet) have assembled cars using this method.
"The total production volume of cars assembled by the SKD method this year has exceeded 220,000 units. By the way the Russian car industry has grown by the same figure compared to the previous year. The Russian manufacturers of automobile components practically had nothing from this growth ", concludes Sergey Tselikov.