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Passenger car market in Russia. Results of 2021, trends and prospects

Passenger car market in Russia. Results of 2021, trends and prospects

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The report contains detailed information on the last year’s passenger car sales, their dynamics and structure, market capacity, its price parameters, segmentation, etc.

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What are the changes at dealer networks of manufacturers in 2020


At the beginning of 2021, according to the analytical agency AUTOSTAT, there are 3210 car dealers* in Russia, which is lower by 160 less than in the previous year. The decrease in the number of dealers is explained by the fact that 513 dealer contracts were terminated, and 353 new ones were concluded. Thus, the largest dealer network in Russia is now owned by the domestic LADA brand. In January 2021, there were 299 auto centers in it. In addition to it, the TOP-5 largest networks included Korean KIA (199 DC) and Hyundai (190 DC), French Renault (152 DC) and German Volkswagen (128 DC).

The largest increase in the number of dealers for the year was fixed among Chinese brands. Chery and Changan are the leaders; their networks were replenished with 34 new auto centers for the previous year. Geely (+20 new DCs), Haval and FAW (+18 new DCs) were also in the top five of the fastest growing. However, there are brands that, on the contrary, have reduced or completely liquidated their dealer networks. For example, in the first half of 2020, the process of integrating the Chevrolet Niva SUV into the LADA lineup took place, which led to the reduction of 122 dealerships that previously sold and serviced this model. The Chinese Hawtai (-38 DC) also completed its activities in Russia. Lifan has 35 dealers less, Ravon has dealers 31 less, Datsun has 23 dealers less.

It is also worth noting that car sales at one dealership decreased by 21 vehicles in average the last year. At the same time, in the mass segment, this decrease was more noticeable - by 25 cars, and in the premium segment - by only 3.

(*) for the sale and maintenance of cars, excluding individual service centers

12.03.21 AUTOSTAT
Source: www.autostat.ru