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Automotive Industry In Russia. Results of 2019. Prospects

Automotive Industry In Russia. Results of 2019. Prospects

Exit date 02.06.2020

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report contains information on automotive vehicle production in Russia, particularly passenger cars and commercial vehicles

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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TOP-10 of brands by sales of cars with manual transmission in Russia


AvtoVAZ spoke about the production modernization


The modernization of production at any car enterprise that wants to remain competitive is a permanent process, that is, continuous, ongoing. AvtoVAZ reported about the next modernization made in 2019 at its Togliatti assembly site. So, for example, in the previous year the conveyor was modernized, where LADA Granta and Datsun are assembled. As a result, the total length of assembly lines decreased by 560 meters. The number of cars in the stream was reduced, which positively affected the level of quality. There were organized sites for the formation of kits. The number of involved loaders was reduced, while on the conveyor there appeared 8 robotic trolleys for the automatic delivery of components to assembly posts (synchronized with the conveyor) - the innovation improved the observance of the delivery rhythm by 23%.

In the production, where cars are assembled on the B0 platform, 8 additional robots were introduced in the previous year, responsible for welding the points of the base and body frame, which fix the geometry of the car. Now 13 robots are working on the welding line for the base of the LADA Largus and LADA XRAY bodies, in 2020 they plan to add two more. In the production of B0, a new quality control post with a shadowless camera was built and put into operation.

The modernization of load-carrying conveyor, supplying components, was made at the LADA 4x4 production: transport rings have been created there, allowing to supply sets of components directly to the operator’s working area. Modern standards introduced in the production allow the company not only to improve the quality of its own cars, but also to ship auto components for the production of Alliance Renault-Nissan-AvtoVAZ abroad.

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