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AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. Winter Car Tires: Car Owner Preferences (Third Wave)

AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. Winter Car Tires: Car Owner Preferences (Third Wave)

Exit date 12.12.2019

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Price 3500 eur.

The third autumn wave of the project is aimed at the consumer preferences in the purchase and operation of winter tires.

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What parameters of cost of owning a car are important for the Russians?


When choosing a car you have to take into account many factors, among which a special place is occupied by the cost of ownership. In other words, the future car owner want to know how much money it will be spent during car operating.

In November of the previous year, the experts of the analytic agency AUTOSTAT conducted an online survey * and found out the importance of some parameters of ownership cost for motorists.
According to the survey results, fuel consumption is the most important for Russian car owners — 73.6% of respondents chose this answer option. The cost of maintenance and repair services is in the second place (57.2%), and the third one is the cost of spare parts (41.9%).

More than a quarter (27.5%) of respondents pays attention to the amount of the transport tax when choosing a car. In addition to them, it turned out other 21.7% of visionary motorists, who take into account the loss in price with the further resale of the car. Slightly fewer respondents (19.6%) are guided by insurance costs.

It is not a secret that women and men relate differently to the choice and further operation of the car. So, the beautiful half of humanity pays more attention to fuel consumption, the cost of maintenance and repair services, as well as spare parts. But representatives of the stronger sex in the first place evaluate the vehicle tax, the loss in price during resale and insurance costs.

* More than 1,800 Russian car owners took part in the online survey; they had an opportunity to choose several answers.

15.07.19 AUTOSTAT
Source: www.autostat.ru