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AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. New cars: car owners' opinions (fourth wave)

AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. New cars: car owners' opinions (fourth wave)

Exit date 31.01.2020

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In 2019, the fourth wave of research took place. Due to the insufficient number of respondents in the sample, Chevrolet brand was excluded from the assessment, but Infiniti was added. As a result, the total number of brands represented in the report is 30, and the total number of respondents is more than 3,000 car owners.

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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What kind of cars do people from Russian cities with a million population buy?
  • 05.10.18 What kind of cars do people from Russian cities with a million population buy?

    In the period from January to August 2018, 1.14 million new cars were sold in the Russian market. Three leading models, according to the data of the analytic agency AUTOSTAT, look like this: KIA Rio, LADA Vesta and LADA Granta. These three models have a significant lead over their closest pursuers and they are leaders in 13 million-plus cities of 16.



In Togliatti ZETTA electric vehicles are being prepared for the mass production


On May 20th, a number of automotive media reported that AVTOVAZ was preparing for mass production of compact city electric cars ZETTA and the serial launch was planned already in 2019. Meanwhile, as it became known by AUTOSTAT, electric cars are planned to be produced in Togliatti, but it doesn’t concern the production site of AVTOVAZ. For ZETTA, there were created its own production facilities, remote geographically from the conveyor of the automotive giant. ZETTA has an independent management (Denis Schurovsky, general director of ZETTA LLC) and its own production and sales plans.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, referring to the commentary received by Denis Shchurovsky, at the moment, the work is underway to equip the conveyor and by the end of the year everything will be ready for mass production of electric cars. For a group of companies, the project of assembly of compact city cars, localized by 50% in Russia, is not the main business. Specialists of the engineering building work in projects for the Indian market and the military-industrial complex of our country.

As for the production volumes, Mr. Shchurovsky promised that 10 cars would come off the assembly line in 2019, 2 thousand units in 2020, and in the foreseeable future, the planned capacity will be 15 thousand electric vehicles per a year. With regard to the characteristics of the car, a version with a three-door layout and dimensions of 1600x3030x1760 mm is being prepared for the production. The car will have a boot of 180 liters and four full seats. The suspension was developed on the basis of the eighth and tenth LADA family. The drive can be front wheel drive or all-wheel drive - depending on the configuration. Battery will be Chinese (from GE Power Technology), with a capacity of 10-32 kW / h. Mileage on a single charge is expected to be from 200 to 560 km. The developers promise that with all this technical equipment the electric car will be able to reach a speed of 120 km / h. ZETTA will have keyless access and it is equipped with ABS and ESP systems, heater, air conditioning.

It is understood that the main control of electric vehicles is carried out using a tablet integrated into the dashboard. In the development of the company there are versions for people with disabilities that allow you to drive into the car directly in a wheelchair through the back door and drive the car - with the power of thought (it will read brain signals).

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