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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2022". Summer car tires: preferences of car owners (fourth wave)

"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2022". Summer car tires: preferences of car owners (fourth wave)

Exit date 27.05.2022

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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS" is an annual project of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT", which is a survey of car owners according to a certain methodology and makes it possible to compare assessment indicators over time.

In the spring of 2022 (in addition to the annual autumn wave), the fourth spring wave of the project will be released, which is aimed at identifying consumer preferences in the purchase and operation of summer tires.

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Moskvich cars will be included in the state demand support program 2.12.22 - 11:35 Moskvich cars will be included in the state demand support program

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov


Data on the Russian car market and automotive industry in graphs: structure of the car market by class, brands, price segmentation of the market. Passenger car, truck, bus parc in Russia, in regions, etc.

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    There are 16.5 thousand electric vehicles in Russia

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    How will car owners react if the cost of gasoline is 100 rubles per a liter?

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    Car owners told how the cost of a car maintaining will grow

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    Leaders and outsiders of the Russian car market in the 1st quarter of 2022

    According to the results of January-March of this year, 277,332 new passenger cars and LCVs were sold in Russia (according to AEB data). This is 28.4% lower than in the same period of 2021. The experts of the agency "AUTOSTAT" decided to consider the results of the 1st quarter in more detail.