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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2022". Summer car tires: preferences of car owners (fourth wave)

"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2022". Summer car tires: preferences of car owners (fourth wave)

Exit date 27.05.2022

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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS" is an annual project of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT", which is a survey of car owners according to a certain methodology and makes it possible to compare assessment indicators over time.

In the spring of 2022 (in addition to the annual autumn wave), the fourth spring wave of the project will be released, which is aimed at identifying consumer preferences in the purchase and operation of summer tires.

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Data on the Russian car market and automotive industry in graphs: structure of the car market by class, brands, price segmentation of the market. Passenger car, truck, bus parc in Russia, in regions, etc.

  • 08.08.19

    The structure of dealer networks in terms of brands’ origin in Russia

    According to the monitoring conducted by the analytical agency AUTOSTAT, as of July of this year there were 3,376 official dealerships of sale and maintenance of cars in Russia.


  • 01.08.19

    Dynamics of car sales by segments in June 2019

    In June, sales of new passenger cars amounted to 141.2 thousand units in Russia, by showing a fall of 2.8% compared with the result of June 2018.


  • 25.07.19

    Which car Russians dream about in 2019?

    How the passenger car preferences of Russians changed - this became the subject of another research by AUTOSTAT analytic agency and Auto Mail.ru portal. A joint ‘Dream Car’ online survey, where more than 9,500 respondents took part, was carried out in June 2019.


  • 18.07.19

    Dynamics of Russian automotive market in June 2019

    In the first summer month, the automotive market in Russia declined by 3.3% compared to June 2018. At the same time, the market decline is registered only in the mass segment, where sales decreased by 3.2%. The premium segment, on the contrary, increased (+ 2.2%).


  • 15.07.19

    What parameters of cost of owning a car are important for the Russians?

    When choosing a car you have to take into account many factors, among which a special place is occupied by the cost of ownership. In other words, the future car owner want to know how much money it will be spent during car operating.


  • 11.07.19

    What accessories are the most popular among Russian car owners?

    The experts of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" within their own research decided to see which accessories are the most popular among car owners. For this, the respondents were asked to indicate the accessories that are currently installed in their cars.


  • 09.07.19

    What transport do the Russians choose for vacation?

    Summer has already launched a series of vacations and travels. Someone goes abroad, at sea, and someone arranges weekend tours to the country, to nature, to relatives ... When choosing a destination, it is important to take care of the transport that takes you to the desired destination.


  • 20.06.19

    What brands have the youngest parc in Russia?

    According to the analytic agency AUTOSTAT, at the beginning of this year there were more than 43 million cars in Russia. At the same time, about 40% of them are not older than 10 years, which, in quantitative terms, slightly exceeds 17 million units.


  • 13.06.19

    Are Russians ready for the purchase of a used car at a dealer?

    The analytic agency “AUTOSTAT” within the framework of the project “AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS - 2019. Used cars: preferences of car owners” (third wave) * investigated the willingness of car owners to consider purchase of a used car at a dealership. This study was conducted by online survey in March of 2019; it was attended by more than 1,900 car owners of various car brands.


  • 06.06.19

    Dynamics of car sales by segments in April of 2019

    In April of this year, sales of new passenger cars in Russia amounted to 137.6 thousand units, by showing a fall of 2.9% in compare with the result of a year ago.