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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2022". Summer car tires: preferences of car owners (fourth wave)

"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2022". Summer car tires: preferences of car owners (fourth wave)

Exit date 27.05.2022

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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS" is an annual project of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT", which is a survey of car owners according to a certain methodology and makes it possible to compare assessment indicators over time.

In the spring of 2022 (in addition to the annual autumn wave), the fourth spring wave of the project will be released, which is aimed at identifying consumer preferences in the purchase and operation of summer tires.

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What characteristics of SUV models do Russians prefer?


According to the results of 8 months of 2019, SUV segment remains the most popular in the Russian car market. Sales of crossovers and SUVs for this period of time reached 450 thousand units, which is higher than 43% of the market.

The experts of the analytical agency AUTOSTAT, having fixed the top-10 of best-selling models of the segment, that have almost a half of sales volume of all sold SUVs in Russia, decided to analyze which versions of these cars (which drive, gearbox and type of fuel) are the most popular among Russians. The infographic allows you to see this in more detail.

Thus, the study showed that the top-ranking Hyundai Creta (sales volume reached 45.6 thousand units in January-August) is offered in our country only in the gasoline version, mainly in front-wheel drive(all-wheel drive cars have only 26%) and with an automatic transmission (72% chose “automatic” and only 28% chose "mechanics").

In addition to Creta, the diesel version is not popular in the Russian market for such models as LADA 4x4, Renault Kaptur and Mitsubishi Outlander. We also note that LADA 4x4 is offered only in an all-wheel drive version and only with a gasoline engine and manual transmission.

Infographics allow you to see models that the Russians prefer to buy in an all-wheel drive version - Renault Duster (90% of those who bought this model preferred four-wheel drive), KIA Sportage (55%), Volkswagen Tiguan (66%), Toyota RAV4 (82%), Skoda Kodiaq (78%), Mitsubishi Outlander (74%). It also allows you to see the popularity in the top-10 models automatic transmission, in particular, KIA Sportage (84% of the total), Nissan Qashqai (84%), Skoda Kodiaq (87%), Volkswagen Tiguan (88%), Toyota RAV4 (89%), and Mitsubishi Outlander (100%). The last one is sold exclusively with a CVT.


17.10.19 AUTOSTAT
Source: www.autostat.ru