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AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. New cars: car owners' opinions (fourth wave)

AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2019. New cars: car owners' opinions (fourth wave)

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In 2019, the fourth wave of research took place. Due to the insufficient number of respondents in the sample, Chevrolet brand was excluded from the assessment, but Infiniti was added. As a result, the total number of brands represented in the report is 30, and the total number of respondents is more than 3,000 car owners.

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The structure of Russian car owners by age and brands


Experts of the analytical agency AUTOSTAT conducted a study and answered the question about the dependence of the car owner age and the brand of his car. Based on the data of surveys conducted from 2013 to 2019, more than 240 thousand questionnaires of respondents aged 18 to 65 were processed.

As a result of the study, it turned out that the average age of car owners in Russia is 37 years old, and among car brands* of this age group owners, Toyota, KIA, Skoda, Audi, Daewoo, Lexus and Geely are most often named. Also, by the results of questionnaire analysis, it was found that Infiniti had the “youngest” drivers, their average age was 33 years old, and the oldest were owners of SsangYong and GreatWall cars, their average age was 41 years old.

Among the total number of respondents who participated in the surveys, the drivers aged 26 to 35 years had the largest share (42%). More than a quarter of respondents (27%) belong to the age category from 36 to 45 years. Other 13% of car owners are 46 to 55 years old. The youngest (under 25 years old) and the oldest (over 56 years old) drivers have 9% and 8% of the total number of respondents, respectively.

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