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Automotive Industry In Russia. Results of 2019. Prospects

Automotive Industry In Russia. Results of 2019. Prospects

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report contains information on automotive vehicle production in Russia, particularly passenger cars and commercial vehicles

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What is the portrait of Chery Tiggo owners?

Portrait of Chery Tiggo owner.jpg

In October of 2018, the specialists of the analytic agency AUTOSTAT conducted an online survey, which was attended by more than 300 of Chery Tiggo car owners*. According to the results of the survey it was compiled the generalized portrait.

The psychological type of owner of this crossover can be described in four words: workaholic, businesslike, persistent and active. Such people have relevant hobbies: for example, almost every second survey participant (46%) said that he was keen on hunting, fishing and tourism. A little less (41%) of respondents named walks as a hobby, while the rest prefer less active types of recreation. As it was possible to indicate several answer options, the TOP-five of the most popular still include such hobbies as watching television and movies (40%), the Internet and social networking (38%), reading (22%).

Experts found out that Chery Tiggo is a male car mostly: the share of men owners is 86%. The main age category (over 60%) is car owners from 26 to 45 years old, that is, quite an active age.

The results of the survey showed that the vast majority (83%) of Chery Tiggo owners chose this car due to the optimal combination of price and quality. At the same time, 56.9% noted that they did not find other analogues at the same price that Chery dealers offered for the crossover. Almost 67% of respondents liked the look and design of the model. Approximately every second respondent (47.1%) noted the capacity of the passenger compartment and boot, as well as the ergonomics (34%) of the model, which helped make a choice in favor of buying this car.

Within the framework of the survey, the specialists of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" also found out that 16.5% of those who participated in this survey bought Chery Tiggo car again.

* The owners of Chery Tiggo 2, Tiggo 3 and Tiggo 5 cars took part in the survey; the sample size is more than 300 owners of cars not older than 7 years (2011-2018 release year).

30.10.18 AUTOSTAT
Source: www.autostat.ru