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Passenger car market in Russia. Results of 2021, trends and prospects

Passenger car market in Russia. Results of 2021, trends and prospects

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The report contains detailed information on the last year’s passenger car sales, their dynamics and structure, market capacity, its price parameters, segmentation, etc.

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How many cars do you have in your family

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The car parc in our country is growing every year, which inevitably leads to an increase in motorization of the population. So, already there are 293 cars per 1000 Russians, although ten years ago this figure was 220 units. Does this mean that we are becoming richer? In part, yes. But this process affects not everyone. Because material goods have one important feature - they are distributed unevenly. It refers also to cars: someone has only one, and some people may have several.

Taking into account this fact, the experts of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" and the publishing house "Za Rulem" decided to find out how many cars are in Russian families. From May 18th to 20th, 2018, we conducted a joint online survey on this topic, in which more than 3900 respondents participated. As the survey results show, just over half (51.8%) of Russian families do not have a car. In every third (30%) family there is a car, and in every seventh (14.7%) there are even two cars. In our country there are even richer families, in which there are several cars. But their share is much less: the owners of three cars are 2.3% of Russian families, four and more - 1.2%.

Azat Timerkhanov, the head of the press service of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" comments: “Although the number of cars is growing in the country, we cannot say that the well-being of Russians is growing. At least, this process passes by a significant part of our citizens. At once we will make a reservation that in the conducted survey we considered only married couples or people living together. Still, the priority in the needs of families and single people is often different. If for some of them it is more important, for example, the purchase of real estate or improvement of living conditions, for others the possession of a car is often a primary goal. Today, there is a tendency that in our country the share of families that do not have a car at all increases. If there were 49% of such families a few years ago, then it is almost 52% now. Also, the share of families with one car decreases (from 35% to 30%), but it grows for those families who have two or more cars (from 16% to 18%). In other words, the process of the stratification of society continues.

19.06.18 AA "AUTOSTAT"
Source: www.autostat.ru