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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2022". Summer car tires: preferences of car owners (fourth wave)

"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS-2022". Summer car tires: preferences of car owners (fourth wave)

Exit date 27.05.2022

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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS" is an annual project of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT", which is a survey of car owners according to a certain methodology and makes it possible to compare assessment indicators over time.

In the spring of 2022 (in addition to the annual autumn wave), the fourth spring wave of the project will be released, which is aimed at identifying consumer preferences in the purchase and operation of summer tires.

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Used car market in Russia grows for the second month in a row 17.03.23 - 07:46 Used car market in Russia grows for the second month in a row

Recall that in January it grew by 7%.


What is known about the limousine, on which Vladimir Putin came to the inauguration?

Presidential limousine Cortege.jpg

ay 7th, in the inauguration ceremony of the Russian president, the Russian limousine "Cortege", which will replace the current presidential car Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman, is involved. The car is built within the framework of the project "Single Modular Platform" and serves as a base for the development of a whole family of models in various bodies intended for escorting the top officials of the state.

Experts of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" decided to get acquainted with the "Cortege" closer - with the dimensions of cars, types of bodies, technical characteristics. The longest (6840 mm) and heaviest (full mass of 6 tons) of the "Cortege" family will be the president's limousine. Even with such a solid weight, the car can drive at a speed of 250 km / h. Speed 100 km / h can be developed in 7 seconds by this all-wheel drive car with petrol engine V12 (with turbo6, 6 cubic centimeters capacity, 600/816 kW / hp).

The premium sedan, intended for the escort team, will be a meter shorter (5840 mm) and almost 3 tons lighter than the limousine. According to the specification, a little shorter (5,830 mm), but much higher than the sedan and limousine will be a minivan (2,450 mm), which has already received the name "Arsenal": such minibuses usually carry weapons, communications and medical equipment.

The shortest in the "Cortege" will be all-terrain vehicles - only 5090 mm. Naturally, armored capsules, communication systems and special communications, multimedia systems, means of protection from wiretapping and interception of communications, evacuation systems, radio electronic and power defense, as well as all sorts of special "lotions" are usually placed in equipment of such level.

For example, tires on which you can go even after their puncture, a special petrol tank, etc. It is known that an SUV and a sedan from the project "Cortege" will be produced serially - at least 5000 units per year and from the beginning of 2019 they will be sold even to private individuals. All cars of the family will be produced under the brand Aurus (from the words Aurum and Russia).

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Source: www.autostat.ru