Dynamics of the Russian automotive market in the first half of 2021


Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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UAZ confirmed the return of ABS to its SUVs 20.03.23 - 15:06 UAZ confirmed the return of ABS to its SUVs

The company promised to return "automatic" and airbags to its SUVs.


AUTOSTAT analytic agency publishes marketing researches as the automotive market is analyzed. “Automotive market. Results, trends, forecasts” is published twice a year – at the beginning of the years and as a result of the half year. Reports concerning new and used car parc, regional markets are updated with different periodicity. Subjects of the reports include localization of car production in Russia, LCV parc structure and forecasts and others.

Marketing reports are prepared with an office research method. The major information sources are data of State Customs Committee, GIBDD, as well as our own database and the information obtained from the market players directly. All data, presented in the report is clearly organized and complied in tables. Each subject is traditionally illustrated with graphs and diagrams.

  • Chinese Supplier Report

    The latest edition of this highly popular report provides a comprehensive overview of the automotive industry in China. The report examines in-depth the passenger car, commercial vehicle and component sectors.Furthermore, the report considers new technologies and energy vehicles as well as near and long term forecasts and detailed company analysis of over 90 of China s top automotive suppliers.

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    Date of issue: 19.07.11

    Format: А4, 283 pages

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  • Assembly and Localization of Foreign Cars in Russia - 2011

    AUTOSTAT  analytic  agency  has  prepared  updated marketing report “Assembly and Localization of Foreign Cars  in  Russia”.  Today  this  subject  is  actual  as  never as  most  foreign  car  manufacturers,  operating  under industrial assembly regime are coming to the localization control date. Moreover Russian government introduced new  requirements  for  the  companies,  intended  to expand their production in our country under industrial assembly regime.  Thereby  this  report  includes  information on  foreign car  assembly  and  localization  in  Russia,  characteristics of market players with  their  local  suppliers.

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    Date of issue: 19.07.11

    Format: PDF, 49 pages, language - ENGLISH

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  • Alternative Automotive Fuels Report

    This report looks at the factors currently driving the market for alternative fuels and examines regional policies and usage data. Futhermore, the report considers the biofuel debate, and looks at the use of advanced biofuels in non-oil and non-food feedstocks.

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    Date of issue: 18.07.11

    Format: А4, 80 pages

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  • OEM-Supplier Relationship Report

    The 2011 OEM-Supplier Relationship Report analyses the state of relations between automakers and suppliers based on the SupplierBusiness authentic SuRe (Supplier Relationship) Index.The index is based on our well-established survey programme of the automotive supply industry, which started in 2005 and which has seen the participation of more than a thousand senior to middle managers working at automotive suppliers and directly interfacing with OEMs personnel. Results of the 2011 research and resulting SuRe Supplier Relationship (SuRe) index rankings are eye opening to say the least. The study, which measures the performance of global carmakers in managing their relationships with their supply base, shows that ratings have fallen by 7.6% on average between 2010 and 2011, marking a return to those levels achieved in 2009, indicating a general deterioration of relations between suppliers and automakers on a global basis over the last twelve months and comes after 2 years of marked improvements when the index increased by 3% and 3.6% respectively. Thirty-three global automakers were ranked, with the major Chinese companies included for the first time.

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    Date of issue: 12.07.11

    Format: A4, 35 pages

    Price: 600 €

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