"Chechenavto" launched the production of a three-seat combat buggy


The Argun Plant "Chechenavto" on March 4th launched the production of the three-seat battle buggy "Chaborz M-3". The car was developed by the International Training Center for Special Forces with the participation of the engineering company "F-Motorsport", reports the press service of the Head and Government of the Chechen Republic.

Buggy is a universal lightweight vehicle designed to transport personnel and cargo in difficult areas and off-road. It will allow the force units to make quick strikes against the positions of terrorists in the forests, mountains and settlements, after which they can retreat immediately.

In addition to the combat version, it is planned to produce sports and tourist models of the buggy Chagborg M-3 in several versions. They are designed for fans of recreation in extreme conditions. Also, the International Training Center for Special Forces and Chechenavto is developing a six-seat Chaborz M-6. Depending on the assigned tasks, it can be used to transport passengers and cargo, as a tractor, in sanitary evacuation, shock or sentinel purposes. 

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, said that the first lots will be purchased for the International Training Center for Special Forces, and further production will depend on orders. According to him, there is an interest on the part of domestic and foreign consumers. "There are interested units that want to buy such vehicles. And we are ready to produce buggies to satisfy customers' requests”, - he said.

10 march 2017