More than half of Russian families have a car
  • 10.04.15 More than half of Russian families have a car

    51% of Russian families have a car now - such data was received by specialists of the agency "AUTOSTAT" within on-line survey, conducted in September of 2014, which was attended by more than 26 thousand respondents.



Russian new car market grew in 2013 in monetary terms

Financial capacity of the largest market in the country in the Moscow region has declined, but others could grow by tens of percent - mainly due to the replacement of low-cost cars by more expensive models, experts say.

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In February, Moscow returned the title of the largest secondary market in the country 28.03.17 - 14:23 In February, Moscow returned the title of the largest secondary market in the country

The analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" conducted a survey of the Russian market of passenger cars with mileage in February of 2017, according to which it was made a rating of regional markets.

Custom-made researches

Besides standard marketing report and on-line data, concerning all major segments of the Russian automotive market, AUTOSTAT analytic agency is ready to complete some individual nonstandard tasks, which are usually based on our data bases and involves experience of  our analysts and experts. 
However at present we do not conduct researches, which would require the collecting of primary data that we do not have. Possible areas of custom-made researches are as follows:

If you have any questions please contact Alexandra Bukina by e-mail:


AUTOSTAT agency has enormous data array on the automotive market in different periods. Sometimes it is very difficult to sort out necessary information there. On your request we can form individual report templates. Our data (parc, registration, re-registration, import/export, car production) for the regions, cities, periods or brands-models interesting for you, are offered for our customers in handy form. If you sign a long-term agreement you can get these reports monthly, quarterly or annually.


Our previous experience in collaboration with a large number of customers enables to offer individual evaluations of associated market capacities. Our evaluations and estimations are made on the base of brand-model and age parc structures. We have developed technology of fuel consumption evaluation in the regions according to transport type (passenger cars, trucks, LCVs, buses, motor-vehicles)  and fuel type (petrol, diesel fuel, gas). This technology could also be applied for evaluation of automotive oil, antifreeze and other  combustible oils consumption as well as some groups of automotive components.


So as to order custom-made research, post an approximate requirement specification, prepared in any form, specifying targets, objectives, subject of research, suggested terms and budget. As a rule final agreement is reached in the process of negotiations, specifying details and mutually acceptable conditions.


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Moscow: +7 (499) 685-01-51

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