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Import of cars grew by 29% in January 19.03.18 - 15:54 Import of cars grew by 29% in January

In the reporting period, imported cars were imported to Russia for $ 336.8 million (+ 13.1%).


Dynamics of passenger car production in Russia in 2006-2010


Dynamics of passenger car production in Russia in 2006-2010.jpg

In 2006-2008 the production of passenger cars in Russia was growing steadily – about 10% per year. In 2008 the record-breaking number of cars -1.5 million units – was produced.

During the crisis in 2009 the production decreased to 598,500 cars (-59.3%), which was a result of the market breakdown.

In 2010 Russian enterprises produced 1.2 million passenger cars, that is 101.9% growth as compared to 2009. The jump in the production is a result of the low base effect.

The share of foreign cars in the total passenger car production is continuing to grow: from 23.5% in 2006 to 51.9% in 2010.


Automotive market in Russia 2011



27.06.11 AUTOSTAT
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  • 19 march 2018 Updated Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail will be produced in Russia

    Updated crossovers Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail will be produced at the Nissan plant in St. Petersburg. About this the agency "AUTOSTAT" was informed by the director of public relations of Nissan in Russia, Roman Skolsky, by adding that it is needed time to adjust their production, so the updated models will be offered to Russian buyers later.

  • 16 march 2018 Production of liftback LADA Granta was launched in Togliatti

    In Togliatti, the launch of LADA Granta Liftback started after the transfer of production from Izhevsk. This solution has allowed LADA to optimize significantly the production processes by loading Kalina / Granta facilities on the Togliatti site, while the LADA Izhevsk plant focuses on the best-selling products of the LADA Vesta family.

  • 16 march 2018 The production of Simaz buses on the basis of the Isuzu chassis began in Ulyanovsk

    At the facilities of the production complex "Simaz" in Ulyanovsk on March 13th it was launched the production of buses "Simaz" on the basis of the chassis Isuzu.


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  • 6 july 2011 Structure of trucks production by the results of 2010

    The indicators of 2010 are detected as a promising after the failed results of 2009, when the production of trucks decreased by 64,5%. By the results of year the production of trucks in Russian Federation was 150,4 units that was more by 64,9% than the results of 2009.