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The group AVTOVAZ increased the revenue by 22% in 2017 19.02.18 - 14:09 The group AVTOVAZ increased the revenue by 22% in 2017

The share of LADA in the Russian market increased by 1 pp. - up to 19.5%.


Structure of passenger car production in Russia in 2010


Структура производства легковых автомобилей в РФ в 2010 году.jpg

In 2010 car plant in Russia produced 1.2 million passenger cars – twice (+101.9%) more than in 2009.

About a half of the total production volume (45.1%) belong to AvtoVAZ products. Then comes Avtotor (14.1%), Volkswagen Group Rus (7.8%), Avtoframos (7.2%), Ford (6.7%).

The shares of other enterprises are less than 5%.


Automotive market in Russia 2011



27.06.11 AUTOSTAT

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  • yesterday, 14:09 The group AVTOVAZ increased the revenue by 22% in 2017

    AVTOVAZ Group increased its consolidated revenues by 22% to 225.6 billion rubles by the end of 2017. During the reporting period, the company showed significantly more favorable financial results than in the last few years.

  • yesterday, 14:07 GM-AVTOVAZ increased the production by 3% in 2017

    According to the results of 2017, 32,909 cars came off the GM-AVTOVAZ line, which is more by 2.5% than a year ago. It was reported to the agency "AUTOSTAT" by the press service of the joint venture. Sales of Chevrolet Niva on the Russian market grew by 4.6% to 31,212 units.

  • 8 february 2018 AVTOVAZ increased sales of LADA cars by 29% in January

    AVTOVAZ sold 21,005 LADA cars on the Russian market in January, which is more by 28.6% than a year ago. As a result, the market share of the LADA brand was 20.5%, according to the AEB.


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  • 26 april 2012 TOP-50 of regions in Russia by sales volume of new foreign cars in 2011

    It was sold 1,91 million of foreign passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for 2011 and it is more by 52,2% than in the previous year (1,26 million units). 

  • 14 february 2012 Dealer networks continue to grow

    Almost all big car dealers in Russia came back gradually to the pre-crisis level of sales. Among them regional dealers showed the highest growth by the results of 2010 – they added in average 50-70% of income with the growth of market by 30%.

  • 6 july 2011 Structure of trucks production by the results of 2010

    The indicators of 2010 are detected as a promising after the failed results of 2009, when the production of trucks decreased by 64,5%. By the results of year the production of trucks in Russian Federation was 150,4 units that was more by 64,9% than the results of 2009.