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Brand structure of truck parc on 01.01.2011


Структура парка грузовых автомобилей по брендам на 01.01.2011 г..jpg

At the beginning of 2011 the number of trucks registered in all Russian regions was 3.4 million. Truck parc depends on two factors, which are not connected with each other. That is market, i.e. sales of Russian and imported trucks, both new and used abroad.

The second factor is the rate of old vehicle writing off – the vehicles which are not used but still registered in GIBDD. That is why when market grows by hundreds of thousands cars, the parc increases by tens of thousands cars only.

90% of the truck parc belong to domestic brands. Volvo has the largest share of the foreign truck parc – 1.6%. The second large share belongs to MAN – 1.3%. The shares of Mercedes Benz and Skania are a little more than 1%. Other brands have even less shares in the truck parc.


Structure and forecast of commercial car parc in Russia till 2015

Автостат_структура и прогноз парка коммерческих автомобилей в России до 2015 года.jpg

Operation data: Parc


24.06.11 AUTOSTAT


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  • 16 november 2011 Every third LCV in Russia is foreign

     AUTOSTAT analytic agency prepared marketing report “Structure and forecast of commercial vehicle parc: light commercial vehicles (LCV), trucks (CV and HCV) and buses (BUS)”.  On 1 January 2011 commercial vehicle parc in our country was 7.34 million cars. About a half (48.2%) of the parc were light commercial vehicles (3.54 million units), a little less number (46.7%) belong to trucks (3.43 million units), and the rest 5.1% belong to buses (0.37 million units)

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    The indicators of 2010 are detected as a promising after the failed results of 2009, when the production of trucks decreased by 64,5%. By the results of year the production of trucks in Russian Federation was 150,4 units that was more by 64,9% than the results of 2009.