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In the course of the study, we get the features of consumer behavior of car owners by the following themes: automotive antifreeze brand recognition (with and without options) and features of a car coolant choosing.

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Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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Ford in Russia: a story in numbers and facts
  • 04.04.19 Ford in Russia: a story in numbers and facts

    On March 27th, it became officially known that Ford was changing its presence strategy in the Russian market: it turned off the production in the passenger car segment, by reserving only the LCV assembly (with the transfer of the Russian company Sollers after reorganization).



Scrappage fees could limit the import of used cars in Russia


Scrappage of cars, which was used by government for the support of domestic producers, could become again a protectionist measure.

As the vice premier, Igor Schuvalov, said, the scrappage fee, which was offered by government to get from importers of cars, will be so, that “it won’t permit to import again a lot of used cars” in the territory of Customs union. He added that Ministry of industry and trade prepared changes that are necessary for this fee introduction in the law.

As newspaper “Kommersant” wrote with the referring to its sources, the profile Ministries didn’t approve finally mechanisms of introduction and tariffs of scrappage fee. But Ministry of industry and trade prepared the draft resolution of government, according to which the production of cars in Russia “could be only in case of conditions providing that guarantee their safety recycling in future”. The draft presumes either “voluntary guarantee obligations of companies”, or payment “of scrappage fees by individuals or legal persons that will compensate costs” for the scrappage of cars.

According to sources, “guarantee obligations” don’t presume the payment of fee at once and they are “actually, certificates, by which producer would be obliged to scrap a car in the defined term, more likely, not less than in ten years”. But these guarantees could be presented only by those, who produce cars in Russia or have a dealer network in more than 40 regions of country. All other distributors will pay scrappage fees. 

According to preliminary estimations, budget revenues from scrappage fees introduction only for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles will be not less than 71,5 billion Roubles per a year. Money, in particular, will be sent for a fund forming, from which the financing of scrappage infrastructure creation that will be able to recycle 1,5 million units of vehicles per a year in the first stage. But the investment volume in this infrastructure creation in all regions of Russia will cost only 10 billion Roubles.

Sources of branch suppose that “investment part of fee” will be introduced first of all to explain high rates. But representatives of Ministry of industry and trade underlined that the rate of fee will be calculated “only on basement of ecologic harmful that would be caused by a car”.

According to data of sources, the fee for passenger cars that are less than three years old was considered on the level of 40-50 thousand Roubles and then this rate will be increased in dependence on age of car and power of engine. The tariff for heavy trucks that are less than three years old was discussed on the level of 500-600 thousand Roubles and the maximum rate for vehicles that are older than seven years with powerful engine reached 1,2 million Roubles.

As experts suppose, if scrappage fee for used trucks would exceed in fact its price then the import of these vehicles would be closed for these vehicles in Russia almost completely. The fee, which is discussed for import trucks that are older than seven years, is close to the price of trucks of Russian production, remarked analysts. On their opinion, scrappage fee, more likely, won’t conflict with WTO rules as it is an ecologic measure.

As participants of branch suppose, the introduction of scrappage fee will hit importers of used vehicles, Chinese car producers and first of all trucks that have no wide dealer network and the most premium brands. But dealers suppose that it will be more profitable for premium brands to open additional offices in regions or to conclude new dealer agreements than to pay this fee. According to estimations of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the market volume of used passenger cars in 2011 was 28,3 billion dollars in terms of money and it increased by 63% in compare with YOY basis. Totally it was imported 840 thousand of used passenger cars in Russia in the previous year and it was more by 38% than in 2010.


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