More than half of Russian families have a car
  • 10.04.15 More than half of Russian families have a car

    51% of Russian families have a car now - such data was received by specialists of the agency "AUTOSTAT" within on-line survey, conducted in September of 2014, which was attended by more than 26 thousand respondents.



Year 2017 ends with 11,9% car sales market increase

In 2017 new car and LCV sales increased by 11, 9%.

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The Russian market of new motorcycles in the first quarter fell by a quarter 20.04.18 - 15:46 The Russian market of new motorcycles in the first quarter fell by a quarter

The most popular brand - the German BMW.

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The import of cars increased by 16% in February


March 22nd of 2012

According to data of analytic agency AUTOSTAT, it was imported by companies 66,6 thousand of passenger cars in the Russian territory in February of 2012 and it was more by 16,0% than it was imported for the analogous period of 2011. Thereby, the share of used vehicles is a little bit more than 2% of total import. It is written in the monthly review of Russian car market. 

The first place by import of passenger cars in Russia is kept by Japanese brand Toyota the second consecutive month (9,7 thousand units; +10,3%). The second place is still occupied by another Japanese brand - Nissan (7,8 thousand units; +40,4). The third place with still high difference is occupied by Hyundai (4,8 thousand units; +23,7%). Mazda (3,8 thousand units; -2,3%) is on the fourth place, and Korean KIA closes the row of five leaders (3,6 thousand units; +1,1%), which was on the tenth place in January.

The TOP-10 of the most imported cars in February includes also: German Volkswagen (3,5 thousand units; +50,0%) and Mercedes-Benz (3,2 thousand units; +212,5%); Daewoo (3,0 thousand units; -25,3%), Land Rover (2,9 thousand units; +160,1%) and Skoda (2,8 thousand units; +53,8%).

The leader among models by import was crossover Nissan Qashqai (3,1 thousand units) in February of this year. The second place was occupied by Toyota Corolla (3,0 thousand units), which had the less place in January. The third place is belonged to Hyundai Santa Fe (2,8 thousand units). And the fourth place is occupied by Mazda СХ 5 (2,3 thousand units).  Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Juke divided 5th and 6th places (2,1 thousand units each). Then other models follow: Toyota RAV4 and Land Rover Range Rover (1,4 thousand units each), Volkswagen Golf (1,3 thousand units), and Skoda Yeti (1,2 thousand units) closes the row of leaders.



02.04.12 AUTOSTAT

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