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Automotive market in Russia-2017

Automotive market in Russia-2017

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We have issued the fifteenth edition of our annual reference book "Automotive market in Ru...

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LADA XRAY is the leader by sales growth among AVTOVAZ models 17.11.17 - 16:28 LADA XRAY is the leader by sales growth among AVTOVAZ models

In October, sales of this model grew by 62.4% up to 3,084 vehicles.


LADA parc structure by families

Lada cars parc in Russia by groups of models.jpg

The total LADA parc in Russia on 1.01.11 was 14 million cars. 

The largest number of LADA cars belong to the Classic family. This group still includes obsolete models from the VAZ-2101 to the LADA 2007 (earlier – the VAZ-2107). The total number of this family cars is 7.1 million units.

The share of the LADA Samara in the LADA parc is almost twice less – 3.5 million cars. They are cars of the previous generation Samara family – the VAZ-2109, the VAZ-21099, the VAZ-2108, the VAZ-21093 as well as restyled LADA 2113, LADA 2114, LADA 2115.

Then comes the Tenth family – 1.7 million cars. This group includes the LADA 110 sedan, the LADA 111 estate car, the LADA 112 hatchback (former VAZ-2110, VAZ-2111, VAZ-2112 and their modifications).

LADA parc has about a million of the LADA 4x4 SUVs (former Niva).

The parcs of the new families – the LADA Priora and the LADA Kalina have 0.4 million cars each.



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