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The Russian car market in 2016 decreased by 11%

According to the AEBusiness, by the results of 2016, the Russian car market decreased by 11% to 1 million 425 thousand 721 cars.

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AvtoVAZ stopped taking orders for the Lada Granta

AvtoVAZ stopped taking orders for the Lada Granta, planned for the production till March 2012. According to AvtoVAZ, taking orders was suspended in order to adjust production plans in accordance with the received orders. All orders will be filled till the end of the fist quarter of 2012 according to the earlier announced prices – 229,000 roubles (Standard package) and 256,000 roubles (Norma package). AvtoVAZ will specially announce about the resumption of taking orders for the Lada Granta cars, which will be supplied to dealers from April 2012. 

The new AvtoVAZ car is designed on the Lada Kalina platform, however about 400 original components, including modernized front and rear suspension as well as a new engine, were designed specially for the Lada Granta. The Lada Granta Standard and Norma will replace the Lada Classic and the Lada Samara. Top modification of the Granta will become an adequate replacement for the Lada Kalina sedan. In the future the range of packages will be extended due to the new equipment. According to the information given by AvtoVAZ press center to AUTOSTAT agency, the Lada Granta Lux will come on sale in the second half of 2012.

The project is provided for the production of 150 Lada Granta per year. AvtoVAZ is planning to reach this capacity next year. According to AvtoVAZ, the plan can be corrected during the year depending on the market situation.

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  • 22 february 2018 Hyundai plans to sell 3200 trucks in Russia in 2018

    South Korean company Hyundai plans to sell on the Russian market 3,200 trucks in 2018 that will be produced at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. Within three - four years, the company plans to increase sales of its cars on the Russian market up to 8,000 units, said Donho Choi, the director of the export division of Hyundai Commercial Vehicles.

  • 22 february 2018 AvtoVAZ plans to increase sales in Russia by 10% in 2018

    AVTOVAZ plans to increase sales of cars and LCV in Russia by 10% in 2018 with the corresponding growth in the market, said company president, Nicolas Maure.

  • 22 february 2018 St. Petersburg plant Toyota increased the production by 71% in 2017

    As a result of 2017, the St. Petersburg plant Toyota increased the production by 70.7% up to 66,684 cars, which was the best result in the company's history. In particular, 31,970 Toyota Camry business sedans (2.7%) were produced, as well as 34,714 RAV4 crossovers (4.4-fold growth).


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