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The export of cars from Russia grew by 23% for the year 20.02.18 - 14:25 The export of cars from Russia grew by 23% for the year

About 40% of this amount falls on Skoda cars.


The structure of the passenger car park in the eastern part of Russia

The structure of the passenger car park in the eastern part of Russia.jpg

The structure of the parc in European and Eastern parts of Russia differs a lot. During the last 15-20 years the car parc in the Far East and Siberia was formed due to the large number of right-hand drive Japanese used cars.

In terms of numbers, on 1.01.2011 passenger car parc in Eastern part of our country was 9.5 million cars. Despite the fact that LADA (33.2%) is on the first place in this part too, the gap between LADA and foreign cars is not as significant as in European part. The share of Toyota is 23.4%. The third place also belongs to Japanese brand – Nissan (6.4%). In whole domestic brands have less than a half of the parc – 46.1%.


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11.11.11 AUTOSTAT

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  • 8 february 2018 The Russian car market grew by 31% in January

    Sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles grew by 31.3% in Russia in January and they were 102464 cars. As noted in the AEB, the 31% growth, partly caused by the low base of last year, is notable in the sense that it is the largest monthly increase on YOY basis, starting from 2011.

  • 30 january 2018 Dealers expect the car market growth by 6.5% in 2018

    Association "Russian car dealers" (ROAD) predicts the growth of the Russian market of new cars in 2018 by 6.5%, up to 1.7 million units, in case of the preservation of state programs and not deterioration of market conditions.

  • 25 january 2018 21-22 February ‘ 18, Forum of Automotive Business “ForAuto-2018”

    On 21-22 February Automotive Forum "ForAuto-2018", organized by AUTOSTAT, will take place in Moscow at the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel. During two working days we will discuss the present and the future of the Russian car market, the influence of regulatory bodies on the automotive industry.


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