Digit of the day: 3 new cars per 10 used ones
  • 27.12.18 Digit of the day: 3 new cars per 10 used ones

    As experts of the analytic agency AUTOSTAT have established, in Russia the ratio between sales of new and used cars is 1: 3.3. In other words, there are 10 used cars per 3 purchased new cars this year.



Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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Passenger car production fell by 3% in August 18.09.19 - 10:58 Passenger car production fell by 3% in August

For 8 months of 2019, 1 million 010 thousand passenger cars rolled off Russian conveyors

TOP 10 best-selling station wagons in St. Petersburg


According to the analytic agency AUTOSTAT, for 7 months of 2019, 4.4 thousand new passenger cars with a wagon type were purchased in St. Petersburg. This is 9% higher than for the same period of the previous year. In this case, we take into account only classic wagons, and not crossovers and SUVs that have the same body type.

The leader of the St. Petersburg station wagon market, as in Moscow, is LADA Largus chosen by 1,507 residents of the Northern capital - 5% lower than in January – July’18. Another representative of the domestic brand - Vesta SW model – is the second one in the ranking, which, with account of the cross-version, was purchased by 1,356 citizens of St. Petersburg (+ 66%).

Further, with a huge lag behind the leader, there are foreign station wagons - KIA Ceed SW (442 units; -3%) and Ford Focus (438 units; + 39%). LADA Granta finishes the top 5 (176 units), which in the station wagon version appeared in the market only the previous autumn.

In addition to these models, the TOP 10 most popular new station wagons in St. Petersburg included: Volkswagen Caddy (77 units; -31%), Subaru Outback (67 units; -11%), Renault Dokker (62 units; -28%), Volvo V90 (47 units; -18%) and Volkswagen Passat (37 units; + 19%). Recall that earlier the experts of the analytical agency AUTOSTAT compiled a rating of the best-selling station wagons in Moscow, and their sales are falling there.

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