TOP-10 of the best-selling new cars in Russia
  • 25.01.19 TOP-10 of the best-selling new cars in Russia

    The experts of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" made a rating of the best-selling new cars in Russia in 2018. The leader of this rating was KIA Rio, which at the same time ranked the third in the list of the most popular models in the market as a whole.



Russian dealers of Ford began sales of updated Mondeo

Ford Mondeo sedan has received a technological upgrade aimed at the safety improving of the car and improving of the intelligent driver assistance systems. People can order updated Ford Mondeo at all official Ford dealers in Russia.

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In August, the used LCV market fell again 23.09.19 - 11:29 In August, the used LCV market fell again

In August’19, the market of used LCV reached 34.5 thousand units in Russia

How Russians are provided with cars?


According to the analytic agency AUTOSTAT, at the beginning of 2019 there were 43.5 million passenger cars in Russia, among which 41.8 million units were owned by individuals. In addition, among 4.1 million light commercial vehicles (LCV segment), 3.1 million also belong to individuals.

In total, Russians own 44.9 million cars and light commercial vehicles, and it is without the Crimea and Sevastopol. For them, after 2014 there is no official statistics. Approximate estimate of AUTOSTAT is 600 thousand units. As a result, we have 45.5 million cars for 146.8 million Russians, that is, 310 cars per 1000 inhabitants.

It is also interesting to see the statistics of the provision of Russian families with cars, more precisely, households (this term is used in Rosstat). If we divide the total number of cars owned by individuals (45.5 million) among the households (54.4 million), then we get the figure of 836 per 1000. That is, almost all Russian families seem to be provided with cars. .. But it is far from it.

According to the agency "AUTOSTAT", about 42% of Russian households do not have a car at all. About 39% of households have one car, about 15% have two cars and less than 4% of families own three or more cars.

20.06.19 AUTOSTAT