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Automotive market in Russia

Automotive market in Russia

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This is the seventeenth edition of our annual reference book «Automotive market in Russia», covering results of 2018. It contains statistics and analytics on production, sales and vehicle parc in our country.

In 2018 commercial vehicle market (light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses) in Russia came up to 207,000 vehicles, that is 3% more than a year ago.

As for sales of new passenger cars in Russia, their volume has increased by 13.3% up to 1.7 million units. The sales growth of passenger cars caused production growth and impact on the general data of the Russian automotive industry. There were 1.77 million units of vehicles produced in Russian Federation in 2018, which is 13.9% more than in previous year.

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In Russia the share of LADA brand in 2019 is 22.6%


TOP-10 of crossovers and off-road vehicles in the first half of 2018

Sales of SUV cars in the first half of 2018.jpg

For six months of this year, it was sold 791.1 thousand new cars in Russia, which is more by 18.8% than in the last year. Only in June, the sales of new cars reached the level of 145.2 thousand units, which is more by 11.2% than in June of 2017.

As for crossovers and SUVs, their sales grew by 23.6% for 6 months in compare with the first half of 2017 and they were 338.6 thousand cars. The share of segment in total sales volume grew by 1.7 percentage points and it reached 42.8%.

The model rating is headed by Hyundai Creta (33,224 units, + 37.6%). In the second place – there is Renault Duster (21,290 units, + 7.5%), which is followed by KIA Sportage (16,660 units, + 30.2%). The fourth place of the rating is occupied by Renault Kaptur (15 589 units, + 10.2%), and the TOP-five of leaders is closed by Volkswagen Tiguan (15,579 units, + 29.3%).

The TOP-10 also included: LADA 4x4, Chevrolet Niva, Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Outlander and Nissan X-Trail. Most of them show positive dynamics, the exception was Toyota RAV4 (-16.2%) and Chevrolet Niva (-1.6%).

As for the June statistics, the sales of SUV grew by 14% up to 60.5 thousand units this month. In the model ranking, the TOP- three of leaders is the same as in the first half of the year - Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster and KIA Sportage.

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