For what reasons can Russians change cars?


Year 2017 ends with 11,9% car sales market increase

In 2017 new car and LCV sales increased by 11, 9%.

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The best-selling used SUVs in cities with a population over a million in the Russian Federation 22.06.18 - 14:59 The best-selling used SUVs in cities with a population over a million in the Russian Federation

In 15 Russian cities with a population over a million, the leaders of the secondary SUV market are:

Chery launches the car-sharing under its brand in Russia


The Chinese automaker Chery launches its own car-sharing under its brand based on the YouDrive platform (one of the top three among the car-sharers in federal level). The project is called CheryDrive. Today, many automakers cooperate with the car-sharing companies, but traditionally it is a question of buying cars from an auto concern in the aggregator parc. In case of Chery, it is a tripartite project - with the participation of the brand dealers. The distributor sells the car to the dealer, and it sends them to the YouDrive car-sharing service. Auto dealers receive income from sales of cars, spare parts and additional equipment, through service and body repair, bank commission from sales on credit. Now they will be able to earn on car-sharing - payment for renting a car. With such a scheme, the dealer does not have to spend money on organizing the service of the car-sharing and developing the client base.

According to YouDrive statistics, in the summer season, every available car through the aggregator is used up to ten times per a day, the average duration of the lease is 40-60 minutes. The tariff for users and the percentage of trips that will go to the service YouDrive, the company does not disclose. A source familiar with the situation says that YouDrive keeps 15% of the proceeds from one car. Now the tariff of the aggregator is 8-16 rubles per minute depending on the model of the car.

For Chery, the project will lead to the sales growth of cars, in addition, the number of contacts with the brand and brand recognition will increase, expects the company.

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