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Dealer networks of automakers in Russia

Dealer networks of automakers in Russia

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Specialists of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" conducted a study of the market of passenger cars and its dealer networks and present to you the next issue of the marketing report "Dealer networks of automakers in Russia", dedicated to automotive retailers in Russia.

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What car do Russians dream about?

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How much the preferences of Russians about passenger cars have changed - it became the topic of the next research of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" and the portal AVITO Auto. In May of 2018, a joint online survey "Dream Car" was held, in which more than 10,000 car owners participated. We also compared the results with those that were received in May of 2015, when a similar survey was conducted. Just like three years ago, the overwhelming majority of respondents believe that the "dream car" should be an SUV or a crossover: almost every second respondent (46%) singled out this segment from among the others.

At the same time, experts noted that the percentage of motorists with improved road performance is at least insignificant, but has grown. Obviously, this is due to the state of Russian roads, which should be much better. As for the all-wheel drive, the number of its fans has decreased (from 65 to 55%). For a particular category of respondents, its presence is not so important - a sufficiently high clearance. In addition, all-wheel drive – is connected with also additional costs, both when buying and servicing the car.

Also in three years there were fewer people who would like to have a diesel engine, while supporters of a gasoline engine increased (from 64 to 70%). Still, in recent years, the difference in price between diesel and gasoline has been leveled. But also the echoes of "dieselgate" could also affect ... The power of the engine is to be paid by the ruble. And if in May of 2015 the most popular power characteristics of the engines in the preferences of car owners were 150 - 200 hp (33%), then three years later the wishes of Russians are directed towards aggregates with a capacity of 100 - 150 hp (44%). The crisis forces to save!

As for the color of the body, the experts believe that the difference in preferences is generally not important. If in 2015 the leader was white (26%), then in 2018 - black (23%). Both colors have long been considered "classic", and most manufacturers do not ask for an additional charge for them when buying a car. A change of preferences, perhaps due to the fact that the bulk of buyers simply sick of white color...

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