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This marketing report is a result of the new stage of the research on the Russian engine o...

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Year 2017 ends with 11,9% car sales market increase

In 2017 new car and LCV sales increased by 11, 9%.

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Dynamics of passenger car production in Russia in 2006-2010


On what Russian car owners began to save?


With the onset of the crisis in Russia, prices for cars and their maintenance (fuel, insurance, spare parts, repair services, transport tax, etc.) increased. This was noted by 84% of motorists, who in January of 2018 took part in a joint online survey of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" and the portal Auto Mail.Ru. This survey was conducted in January of 2018; it was attended by more than 17,000 car owners.

Also during the survey it was found out that over half of the respondents (58%) in 2017 saved both on the operation and on maintenance of their car. Thus, 61% of the participants in the online survey reduced the number of trips by car, 52% saved money on car wash and 16% refused to insure the car with CASCO (here and below, several options could be specified).

As for car maintenance and repair, then the survey organizers received no less vivid evidence of how many car owners have revised their expenses - due to the changed conditions on the market. So, almost half of the survey participants (46%) refused technical maintenance and repair at the official dealer, 42% - began to implement it independently, 36% - tried to delay the trip to the mechanic until the last, and 11% did not repair the car after the accident.

In addition, in terms of cost savings, car owners began to make less frequent purchases in car dealerships: 15% of respondents postpone the purchase of winter tires, 13% - refused temporarily to buy summer tires, and another 13% postponed the buy a battery.

07.03.18 AA "AUTOSTAT"
Source: www.autostat