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The Russian car market in 2016 decreased by 11%

According to the AEBusiness, by the results of 2016, the Russian car market decreased by 11% to 1 million 425 thousand 721 cars.

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The growth of the parc of the Russian Federation for 10 years – is 60%


In 2017, sales of electric cars Tesla increased by 59% in Russia


According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", by the end of 2017, 62 new Tesla electric vehicles were sold in Russia, including 14 Model S sedans and 48 Model X crossovers. Recall that a year ago 39 electric Tesla cars were sold in our country, among them there were only 19 crossovers Model X. Thus, the growth in sales in relation to 2016 was 59%.

Such a significant dynamics is provided solely by selling new crossovers that are popular among Russians. Among 62 electric vehicles Tesla, delivered to Russia, 36 units were registered in Moscow, 11 - in the Moscow region. As a result, the capital's region accounts for three-quarters of Russian sales of Tesla. Another 6 cars were registered in St. Petersburg, 3 - in Tatarstan, 2 - in the Rostov region. By one electric car went to the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, as well as the Voronezh and Tver regions.

As previously reported "AUTOSTAT", in the last year in Russia, 95 new electric vehicles were sold, which is more by 28% than in 2016.

06.02.18 AA "AUTOSTAT"
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