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This marketing report is a result of the new stage of the research on the Russian engine o...

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The Russian car market in 2016 decreased by 11%

According to the AEBusiness, by the results of 2016, the Russian car market decreased by 11% to 1 million 425 thousand 721 cars.

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Dynamics of truck production in Russia in 2004-2010
  • 27.06.11 Dynamics of truck production in Russia in 2004-2010

    Truck market depends on car lending and leasing availability greatly, that is why the beginning of the crisis resulted in sales decrease in all truck segments in the second half of 2008, which caused the drop in production.



Sales of LADA cars in EU countries rose by 40% in November


In the last month of autumn, 464 new LADA cars were sold in the European Union, which is more by 39.8% than in November of 2016. This conclusion was reached by the experts of "AUTOSTAT" agency according to the results of processing data of the ACEA.

Despite the fact that sales have been growing for the sixth month in a row, sales volumes of LADA cars in the EU remain low. So, for 11 months of 2017 it was sold 4,7 thousand such cars totally, that is by 30,7% more than in the same period of a year ago. And this is comparable with the sales figures of Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

As analysts of the agency "AUTOSTAT" noted, the sales growth of LADA cars in the EU is connected with the entry of Vesta sedan into local markets. Recall that this year sales of this model started in such countries as Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany and Lithuania.

28.12.17 AA "AUTOSTAT"
Source: www.autostat