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Commercial Vehicle Market in Russia. Results of 2017, Trends and Prospects

Commercial Vehicle Market in Russia. Results of 2017, Trends and Prospects

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We introduce the update of marketing report "Commercial Vehicle Market in Russia. Results ...

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Year 2017 ends with 11,9% car sales market increase

In 2017 new car and LCV sales increased by 11, 9%.

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The dynamics of sales of new cars in Russia 1998-2015


TOP-10 of the most recognizable car batteries

TOP-10 most recognizable automotive batteries.jpg

Specialists of the agency "AUTOSTAT", by examining the preferences of car owners associated with batteries, estimated such a measure of the popularity of batteries, as the level of recognition (with a hint). Participants in the online survey (over 1600 Russian car owners *) were presented with images and names of the 30 most popular brands of batteries. Respondents were asked to mark the brands from the proposed list, which they know at least by name, or enter their options.

As it was shown by the survey results, the most popular among car owners is the brand BOSCH: in the online survey it was indicated by more than 70% of respondents. The second in terms of "recognizability" of the brand were the batteries "VARTA" (70.2%). On the third place, with a large margin from the leaders – there was "Titan" (35.2%).

Nevertheless, judging by the result, almost every third participant of the survey is familiar with the brand. The top-five included also batteries "Mutlu" (30.5%) and "Panasonic" (26.4%). On the sixth place of the consumer rating there was the brand "Beast" (21.4%), the seventh - "Tyumen Battery" (20.9%), the eighth - "AKOM" (19.1%), they know almost one in five. Westa (17.0%) and Bars (14.3%) closed the top-ten of the most recognizable batteries

About 8% of survey participants indicated that they do not know any battery brand. Earlier experts of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" analyzed the recognition of the brands of motor oils and car tires presented on the Russian market.

* This study was conducted through an online survey in November of 2017.

26.12.17 AA "AUTOSTAT"
Source: www.autostat