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The Russian car market in 2016 decreased by 11%

According to the AEBusiness, by the results of 2016, the Russian car market decreased by 11% to 1 million 425 thousand 721 cars.

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Brand structure of passenger car parc on 01.01.2011


Dealers told about the competitors of the new station wagon LADA Vesta


The new estate car LADA Vesta SW and its off-road version Vesta SW Cross come to the Russian market, which will be on sale by the end of this month. Recall, the price of ordinary Vesta SW is from 639 thousand 900 to 755 thousand 900 rubles. The raised version of station wagon costs from 755 thousand 900 to 847 thousand 900 rubles.

As the sales director of Terra Auto Group, Igor Bader, says, cars that have such a high level of comfort as LADA Vesta and still boast the practicality of the station wagon are in great demand, but their choice is very small in the price range up to 1 million rubles. It is this niche that the novelty is designed to occupy.

"The niche, currently occupied by LADA Vesta SW, is not occupied by anyone. The closest competitors of the novelty are KIA cee'd_SW and Ford Focus in the station wagon, but between these models there is a very large price gap, even with similar trim levels. There is a slight competition within the LADA brand between Largus Cross and Vesta SW Cross, but in general the target audience for these cars is different.

As for the Vesta SW Cross, it certainly has more competitors - we can say that the whole segment of small city crossovers belongs to them. However, most of them lose Vesta in practicality and in the volume of the boot," - comments Igor Bader. To date, the best-selling station wagon in the Russian market is LADA Largus, the share of which is the half of this segment. The second most popular model with this type of body is LADA Kalina, which has a quarter of all sold estate cars in Russia. According to the marketing director of the Lada Center, Sergei Novoselsky, there is no competition between LADA Vesta SW and Largus and Kalina, as these are fundamentally different models and they will not select each other's audience. "Kalina is a model leaving the market, and it occupies no more than 5% in the model mix. There is absolutely nothing to take from it and the price categories for Kalina and Vesta SW are different. With Largus the situation is different, as both models are in demand and play in the same price range. But here we see a completely different value approach to cars. If in Largus the practicality is in the first place, then in the case of Vesta SW, the priority is the image component. It is a beautiful car, which primarily causes emotions, and only then makes you think about your useful qualities, "- argues Sergei Novoselsky.

The launch of the estate car LADA Vesta will positively affect the sales volume of both Largus and Kalina - the target audience for these cars is different, so there is no need to speak about direct competition, and interest in the brand as a whole will increase, Igor Bader sums up.

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