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The Russian car market in 2016 decreased by 11%

According to the AEBusiness, by the results of 2016, the Russian car market decreased by 11% to 1 million 425 thousand 721 cars.

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Fears of car owners in the service centers
  • 08.04.15 Fears of car owners in the service centers

    According to a study, conducted by the agency "AUTOSTAT", only 44% of car owners have no fears, by giving the car at the service center. Three-quarters of them (75%) responded that they completely trust the service center of authorized dealer.



The sales of premium cars fell by 1% in August


According to the results of August 2017, sales of premium-segment cars in Russia were 11,337 units. As analysts of the agency "AUTOSTAT" noted, this is less by 1.1% than during the same period of a year ago.

The leader in sales among premium brands, according to AEB statistics, remains Mercedes-Benz. The result of the German brand in August reached 3090 cars, by showing an increase of 4.7%. Another German premium brand - BMW - has traditionally occupied the second line of the rating with the indicator of 2358 cars (+ 10.7%). Japanese Lexus closed the top three of the premium segment (2017 units), which showed a fall by 13% in August.

But most of all German Audi lost in sales (-20,9% to 1,305 units), which managed to keep the fourth position. Further with noticeable lag there is the English Land Rover, which managed to sell 643 cars (-4%) in Russia in the last month. 

We also note that, despite the overall drop in sales of premium cars, most brands of this segment in August showed a positive trend.

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