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This marketing report is a result of the new stage of the research on the Russian engine o...

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The Russian car market in 2016 decreased by 11%

According to the AEBusiness, by the results of 2016, the Russian car market decreased by 11% to 1 million 425 thousand 721 cars.

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TOP-10 of new cars in Moscow
  • 27.02.12 TOP-10 of new cars in Moscow

    According to data of registrations, sales of new passenger cars in Moscow were 264151 units for 2011. It is more by 35,3% than the volume that was fixed by the results of 2010.



GC "Avtomir" will start sales of Audi in Novosibirsk


GC "Autoworld" is preparing for the opening of the Audi showroom in Novosibirsk. Thus, the company enters the premium segment in the Russian market.

Vitaly Groshenkov, Commercial Director of Avtomir Group, informed AA AUTOSTAT that in autumn of 2017 a temporary platform for Audi sales will be opened on Energetikov Avenue, in Novosibirsk. However, later we can expect further movement in this direction.

According to Mr. Groshenkov, the company's development strategy includes expansion in cities with a population of over a million people, as well as entering the cities with over a million population, where "Autoworld" is not represented yet. The Siberian region is one of the priority development markets for the Group of companies. "We are not going to stop," – Mr. Groshenkov said. "I am confident that cooperation with Audi will open new prospects for development."

Until recently, in the Russian market, Avtomir Group operated with brands of the mass segment. The company already has platforms for the sale of brands Hyundai, Renault, Skoda, Suzuki, Toyota, and Volkswagen in Novosibirsk. Company today represents the brand Infiniti in Kazakhstan.

Recall that by the end of 2016, the revenue of "Avtomir" grew by 14% and it increased from 60.2 to 69 billion rubles.

18.05.17 AA "AUTOSTAT"