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The export of cars from Russia grew by 23% for the year 20.02.18 - 14:25 The export of cars from Russia grew by 23% for the year

About 40% of this amount falls on Skoda cars.


Bus parc structue on 01.01.2011

 Автостат_Инфографика_Структура парка автобусов на 01.01.2011 г..jpg

At the beginning of 2011 the bus parc in Russia was 373,800 buses. About a fourth of the parc belongs to Russian brands (276,000 buses), less that 7% of buses were assembled in the CIS (25,200 buses).

Minimum every fifth bus registered in our country belongs to foreign brands (72,600 buses).

As for the brand structure of the Russian bus parc, over 40% of the buses registered in our country are PAZ buses (157,300 buses).


Structure and forecast of commercial car parc in Russia till 2015

Автостат_структура и прогноз парка коммерческих автомобилей в России до 2015 года.jpg

Operation data: Parc


07.07.11 AUTOSTAT
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  • 16 february 2018 In Russia there are more than 50 million vehicles

    According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", as of January 1, 2018, the parc of vehicles in the Russian Federation was 50.6 million units. Almost 84% of this number falls on passenger cars, which corresponds to 42.4 million units.

  • 24 january 2018 Used bus market in Russia decreased by 1%

    According to AUTOSTAT analytic agency used bus sales (without LCV) in Russia came up to 23,400 vehicles in 2017. That is 1% less than in 2016 (23,700 vehicles). Almost a half of the bus aftermarket is generated by domestic PAZ.

  • 22 january 2018 New bus market grew by 13% in 2017

    According to AUTOSTAT analytic agency, the volume of the new bus market (without LCV) in Russia came up to 11,700 vehicles, that is 13.4% more than a year ago. The leader here is Russian PAZ with over 60% of the total market.


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  • 16 november 2011 Every third LCV in Russia is foreign

     AUTOSTAT analytic agency prepared marketing report “Structure and forecast of commercial vehicle parc: light commercial vehicles (LCV), trucks (CV and HCV) and buses (BUS)”.  On 1 January 2011 commercial vehicle parc in our country was 7.34 million cars. About a half (48.2%) of the parc were light commercial vehicles (3.54 million units), a little less number (46.7%) belong to trucks (3.43 million units), and the rest 5.1% belong to buses (0.37 million units)