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Automotive market in Russia

Automotive market in Russia

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This is the seventeenth edition of our annual reference book «Automotive market in Russia», covering results of 2018. It contains statistics and analytics on production, sales and vehicle parc in our country.

In 2018 commercial vehicle market (light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses) in Russia came up to 207,000 vehicles, that is 3% more than a year ago.

As for sales of new passenger cars in Russia, their volume has increased by 13.3% up to 1.7 million units. The sales growth of passenger cars caused production growth and impact on the general data of the Russian automotive industry. There were 1.77 million units of vehicles produced in Russian Federation in 2018, which is 13.9% more than in previous year.

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Sales of new electric cars in Russia tripled 17.06.19 - 08:50 Sales of new electric cars in Russia tripled

More than a half of this market fell on the new crossover Jaguar I-Pace


More than half of Russian families have a car


51% of Russian families have a car now - such data was received by specialists of the agency "AUTOSTAT" within on-line survey, conducted in September of 2014, which was attended by more than 26 thousand respondents.

Overall, 34% of families - use a car, 13.5% - two cars, 3% - three cars, 0.5% - four or more cars.

In this study, the term "family" refers to "household", accepted in international practice. "Household" may consist of a single person living alone and apart.

Totally in Russia there are 52.7 million households; parc of cars – is more than 40 million units, among them the possession of individuals –is 38.4 million units.

10.04.15 AA "AUTOSTAT"