Age structure of LADA parc
  • 22.11.11 Age structure of LADA parc

    The largest part of the parc are cars from 3 to 10 years old – 4.8 million cars. The number of LADA cars from 10 to 20 years old is a little less – 4.2 million cars. LADA cars over 20 year old are on the third place. There are 3.7 million cars of this age group in Russia.



Russian new car market grew in 2013 in monetary terms

Financial capacity of the largest market in the country in the Moscow region has declined, but others could grow by tens of percent - mainly due to the replacement of low-cost cars by more expensive models, experts say.

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Hyundai Creta became the leader of the capital markets in the SUV segment in January 22.02.17 - 00:00 Hyundai Creta became the leader of the capital markets in the SUV segment in January

Analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" conducted a study of the Russian market of new cars, which covered the segment of SUVs and crossovers. According to the survey, the leader of this market segment in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the end of January of 2017 was the new crossover Hyundai Creta.

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Automotive market in Russia - 2016

Automotive market in Russia - 2016

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Here is the fourteenth edition of our annual reference book "Automotive market in Russia", covering results of 2015. It traditionally  contains statistics and analytics on production, sales and vehicle parc in our country.

The Russian automotive market has been decreasing for three years successively and the decline rates accelerated in 2015. So, passenger car sales in Russia came up to 1.49 million vehicles last year – 36.2% less than a year ago. As for commercial vehicles (LCV, trucks, buses) the demand for them was 152,600 vehicles, having decreased by 36.3%. As a result continuing decline in automotive sales affects vehicle production. 1.38 million vehicles were produced in Russia in 2015, that is 26% less than a year ago.

However, the Russian automotive market has not reached its bottom yet. And the decrease in sales and automotive production will continue this year. The main reasons for that are low oil prices and the situation in the Russian economy, which is affected by Western sanctions. If the negative factors remain unchanged, some help will come from state support measures, approved by the government. They are parc replacement program, preferential car lending and leasing programs export subsidy program, bus and ambulance vehicle purchase subsidy programs, as well as gas vehicle production support program. Some automobile manufacturers intend to increase their export share under the rouble devaluation.

As before, AUTOSTAT specialists tried to offer you the most complete and qualitative information. Besides the main segments of the automotive parc in Russia (passenger cars, LCV, trucks and buses) the report also contains data by production years in the brand structure as well. In 2015 automotive parc in Russia was about 49 million vehicles. The lion’s share (over 80%) of the parc is traditionally generated by passenger cars (about 41 million vehicles). Light commercial vehicles form 8% of the total parc or almost 4 million vehicles.

The number of trucks is a little less (3.7 million vehicles). About 1% of the parc comes from buses (about 400,000 vehicles).

We should mention that reference book “Automotive market in Russia – 2016” was prepared using RADAR (Russian Automotive Data Analytics & Research) online system for analyzing of regional automotive data, developed by AUTOSTAT agency. This system enables to process vast data arrays on sales and parc of all vehicle types in all regions of Russia.

Moreover, RADAR enables to keep track of vehicle sales and display information on the maps.

We are grateful to those who do not only use our reports and materials for their work but also contact us. We hope that you will continue finding time to share your ideas, express your wishes and feed us back. We will do our best to make our products useful for your further development.


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