In the first quarter, Russians spent 400 billion rubles on the purchase of cars


The Russian car market in 2016 decreased by 11%

According to the AEBusiness, by the results of 2016, the Russian car market decreased by 11% to 1 million 425 thousand 721 cars.

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KIA Rio became the best-selling model in Russia in 2017 16.01.18 - 16:59 KIA Rio became the best-selling model in Russia in 2017

KIA Rio displaced Hyundai Solaris from the first line of the sales rating.


AUTOSTAT analytic agency publishes marketing researches as the automotive market is analyzed. “Automotive market. Results, trends, forecasts” is published twice a year – at the beginning of the years and as a result of the half year. Reports concerning new and used car parc, regional markets are updated with different periodicity. Subjects of the reports include localization of car production in Russia, LCV parc structure and forecasts and others.

Marketing reports are prepared with an office research method. The major information sources are data of State Customs Committee, GIBDD, as well as our own database and the information obtained from the market players directly. All data, presented in the report is clearly organized and complied in tables. Each subject is traditionally illustrated with graphs and diagrams.

  • Truck Component and Spare Part Market in Russia

    This year in December AUTOSTAT analytic agency prepared marketing report "Truck Component and Spare Part Market in Russia". The fact that it is our first special report on truck component aftermarket  as per the results of 2011 makes it unique. The report also includes estimated market capacity for 2012.

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    Date of issue: 27.12.12

    Format: PDF, 264 pages

    Price: 1 690 €

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  • Passenger car component and spare part market in Russia

    You are reading marketing report "Passenger car component and spare part market in Russia", prepared  according to the results of 2011 by AUTOSTAT analytic agency.

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    Date of issue: 20.09.12

    Format: PDF, 421 pages

    Price: 1 690 €

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  • Passenger car market. Results of 2011. Trends and prospects

    The marketing report contains results of 2011, dynamics and structure of the passenger car market in Russia, its price segmentation, regional structure of foreign car sales, as well as passenger car import dynamics and structure, market capacity in terms of money and some other parameters. Moreover the report includes forecast of the passenger car market development in Russia in the near-term prospects. Results of passenger car production and prospects of foreign car assembly in Russia are included in the special parts.

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    Date of issue: 22.03.12

    Format: PDF, 50 pages, ENG

    Price: 510 €

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  • Import of vehicles to Russia

    Since 2008 AUTOSTAT agency has been getting, processing and standardizing monthly data on import of vehicles to Russia. There is also data of vehicle export from Russia. The standard report is offered to the customers in MS Excel (.xls) format with data on all vehicles imported to Russia by types, brands, models and years of production. Moreover, there is a possibility to add extra columns for exporter/importer companies, country of origin and export and some other parameters.

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    Date of issue: 27.02.12

    Format: MS Excel

    Price: 150 €

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  • Monitoring of prices for new cars in 2012

    Since January 2011 AUTOSTAT agency has been collecting and processing information about retail prices for new cars in Russia. Our monthly monitoring includes about 2,500 models and modifications of new passenger cars, offered by the official dealer networks.

    The monitoring subscribers get the updated file with up-to-date data for the month (MS Excel) monthly and a short review of the market participants’ price policy (MS Word) three times a month (every ten-day period).

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    Date of issue: 25.02.12

    Format: MS Excel

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